11 November 2011

Happy palindrome day, guys! :)

Several events have been organized by different companies and organizations, all counting on the "once-in-a-century" vibe this day brings. What are your plans for today?

As for me I will go straight to the Grand Opening of The Blounge Salon after work, and then head to Republiq in Resorts World for the launch of HTC Beats by Smart. I'm so excited for the party because it has been a while since I last went out! Do you think I will win a new phone again? LOL the HTC Beats phone looks fierce! My HTC ChaCha actually looks like a preschooler compared to it ;D Will I see you on any of these events?

They say we should make a wish at 11:11, have you decided on a wish yet? I already have mine, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes it'll come true.

Whether you'll celebrate the uniqueness of this day or not, it is still important to celebrate being alive. Have a happy weekend, everyone!

PS: Our American friends are also remembering the veterans today. Our hearts are with you ♥

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