Goodbye, November!

30 November 2011

Yesterday is officially the most stressful day of my November.

The only silver lining yesterday brought was a visit to FRESH Fragrance Bar in Eastwood Mall, thanks to ARC PR. I will blog about it when I get home to my parents' house, so please watch out for it! It's perfect for you guys who are still on the lookout for Christmas gifts! I was actually able to accomplish some Christmas shopping yesterday ;)

You may remember me being extra-ecstatic last week when I was finally able to get my Lady Fabrize - a Lenovo S102 netbook - fixed. I was able to use it for two nights when I was at my apartment, then left it there for the weekend as I also have a personal computer at my parents' home. I went back to my apartment the other night, tried to boot it so I can play Coco Girl blog but meh, it won't even boot! I tried to restart it, it went to Auto-Repair, I waited again, blah blah blah, it finally worked after almost an hour. I was able to use it for around 20 minutes when it automatically shut down again.

It hasn't worked since.

After the FRESH event I went straight to the Lenovo center in SM North last night to have her fixed. And well, the tech guy who fixed it last week was not around, he is in the hospital and won't be back for another two weeks. The people who were there tried to tinker with my netbook, but in the end they admitted they actually don't know what they were doing and then suggested I just buy another hard drive. Excusez moi, they tried to reformat it last week and even fitted a new HDD but it still didn't work, that's why they came to the conclusion that my keyboard is grounded, causing me to buy a new one for three-freaking-thousand five hundred pesos, and now they're asking me to buy a new HDD that would set me back for at least another P2,500? Wow.

I argued they should've told me that earlier so I wouldn't have spent the money for a new keyboard, and instead just saved up for a new one. I tried to ask for my money back, return the keyboard, and just accept that Fabrize has reached the end of her life, but they said I should wait for the guy who fixed it in the first place. Which won't be for another couple of weeks.

I know I should be sympathetic, and believe me I am, but it's very difficult considering that I really need it this week.

It was so frustrating, I was on the verge of tears at the Lenovo center last night. Add to that work-related stress, people-related stress, traffic jams brought by the holidays-stress, and finding a big spider in my apartment and managing to kill it after almost an hour of hiding behind a mop and insect spray, and you got one HUGE ball of stress. I am not ashamed to admit I bawled, big time.

Crying brings wonders. People who are empathetic and always willing to listen and console are special gifts and blessings from God. I'm wearing my favorite shirt today.


And of course, you can never underestimate the power of sleeping.

I slept on it and woke up to a considerably more beautiful day today. I want to end November on a happy note so I will make sure I won't let anything affect me negatively today. After work I will go to Makati City for a special pampering session with beauty bloggers care of FAB Salon. I desperately need a haircut so big YAY!

PS: It's almost Saturday! Will I see you at the Bloggers United Bazaar part 2? I am sweet and charming, I promise! And I am not always stressed like I was yesterday heehee, see you there! ♥

PPS: Today is Dane's birthday! I am not sure about this, but someone told me he still reads my blog, so... even if I already greeted you earlier, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday! :)

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