08 November 2011

Twitter - the Land of the Free.

Ever since I opened my Twitter account back in October 2008 (yes, I dug my email inbox for the Welcome email), I have already posted almost 7,000 tweets and RTs. Like this blog, I get tired of seeing the same display photo and theme after a while so I've also changed them numerous times. Not only has it allowed me to get in touch with my friends and made communicating with blog pals from other time zones much easier (and cheaper!), Twitter has given me a first-hand glimpse on the lifestyles of the rich and the famous (i.e., my favorite celebrities). Also, aside from being a quick source of pick-me-uppers, cheesy one-liners, and quotable quotes, it has become an indispensable tool for promoting things and events and spreading awareness about topics I am passionate about.

Twitter also helps save my sanity by being available whenever I'm bored out of my wits in my apartment. Or when I'm alone somewhere and a clever idea or burst of inspiration comes and I need to tell someone, anyone. Or when I'm having one of those weird cases of mental word vomit. Or when accidentally seeing someone I haven't seen for quite a while and whose presence still makes my heart beat a little faster makes me spout the most creative hashtags known to Twitterland.

Indeed, Twitter has revolutionized communication. Who would've thought that coherence and cohesiveness can be achieved with a box allowing space for only 140 characters, huh?

These days though, Twitter seemed to take on a different turn. I don't know if it's just me and my timeline or whether it has affected the whole Tweetvile, but it seems like every other tweet is all about whines and complaints. I understand that it feels good to rant, and your Twitter followers are great shock absorbers always willing to listen (read) and calm you down. A good rant, like a good cry, is guaranteed to make you feel better.

Or is it?

I remember my Sociology class when we discussed about lynch mobs. The concept is pretty simple: you are upset about something. You talk to other people who turn out to be upset about the same thing. All of you end up feeling more upset about it.

A mini rant that began with a single tweet can be a full-blown RANT if you're not too careful. Or if you're in the receiving end of a rant towards something you're indifferent about, admit it: consoling whiney people who have nothing else better to do with their time but complain is exhausting.

One of my favorite bloggers, Tara (who incidentally is also my school-mate. Go PLM!),  has the same idea:

I RT'd it along with some other people, and so #NoRantDay was born.

What followed was a movement:

Yours truly :)
Which reached even my non-blogger friend, Sigaw sister Grace
The Internet really is a powerful thing; it's just a matter of how you use it that makes a difference.

Ranting is okay, just don't make it a habit. Come and let's make #NoRantDay a thing. When you feel like tweeting a 'hmmph' thought tomorrow, why not throw your phone or laptop against the wall instead?

Of course I'm only kidding! Haha! When you feel like tweeting a 'hmmph' thought tomorrow, look around you, and remember:

Happy #NoRantDay, everyone! ♥

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