Revlon Professional: Red and Blonde

17 September 2011

I have been itching to get my hair colored again ever since I got my edgy pixie cut but I haven't had the time (or extra money hee) to go to the salon yet. So, when I received an invite for the Revlon Professional Makeover Weekend from Eizel, I said yes(!!!) straightaway.

My makeover schedule was for 1-3PM this afternoon, but because I have the coolest bosses in the world, they allowed me to swap shifts so that I will be out of the office by 12NN. I went straight to the Revlon Building in Kapitolyo, Pasig, and you can just imagine how excited I was. I absolutely love makeovers and trying out different looks, you see :)

After a yummy buffet lunch, I was given this form to fill out:

My highlights have faded a bit already so I chose Color + Highlights and Style.
I got to watch videos of Revlon Professional's Marrakech Collection while eating in the lounge. 
After a quick consultation with Miss Zeny of Revlon, she advised me that there was no need to color all over my hair again as I am not even showing any re-growths yet. (Actually there are some, but only a little and still negligible.) She suggested we just top-up my highlights, which I agreed to. I checked the colors available, but even without it I already knew I would choose blonde and red, just like my highlights three months ago.

My "Before" photo
Jay and Archie went to work on my hair the moment I sat on my chair :)
(Can you spot the lady with the purple solution behind me in the photo?)
I took a mirror-photo of the scene.
My "batchmates" in this salon session are from different top publications in the county.
Archie painstakingly covered small sections of my hair with foil plus solution and bleach.
And that's when I realized that the lady beside me was Ms. Pam Pastor!!!!! I'm sorry, but that was a MAJOR moment for me as I am a big fan! I just love her writing style - visit her blogs here and here to know why ;) Guess what she requested for her hair:

Purple hair!
It looks even more vibrant in person! I love it!
I wish I remembered to request for an autograph. But I did get a photo with her so everything's fine :)

Oh yeah, foils won't stop me! :D
The best part of meeting her is when she told me she has read some of my posts! I seriously got a bit teary-eyed because I felt so happy and honored! (Gosh I am so cheesy, and I can't believe I am admitting this to all of you haha.)

Anyway, Archie left the foils on my hair for 25 minutes to allow the colors to set.

Meanwhile, I just entertained myself by taking more photos...
and playing with my Smart Netphone,
Here I am updating my to-do lists with the My Life Organized app :)
At first I thought these were makeup brushes!
Amazing, huh? 
And finally it was time to rinse! Aside from the very relaxing shampoo, I also got a hair treatment that made my supposed-to-be-dry hair sooo soft. As you know, hair coloring can be very damaging but thankfully the formula used by Revlon plus the Pro You hair treatment took great care of my hair :)

Dun dun dun dun...


Do you like it do you like it?? ;D

For me, I really, really, really do! If I can look this fabulous all along, I should've cut my hair and gotten different hair colors the moment I graduated from university ;D

But wait, there's more!
I was also given LOTS of Revlon Professional goodies ♥

Thank you so much, Revlon Professional! I swear I will try hot pink next time!

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