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28 February 2018

Hello, everyone! It's been almost a week since I went home after my operation and I'm pleased to say that I'm recovering well. I've been spending all my free time taking naps, reading, streaming on Netflix, and spending time with my family.

The best thing about this week is finally receiving my newest baby!

I’d like you to meet Lilly. ♡ She’s sweet and a little shy but once you get her to open up she’ll talk endlessly about her favorite comic books and KDramas.

Lilly is a factory Middie Blythe with an articulated body and four extra hands. I adopted her and she arrived just yesterday.

She is so freakin' cute! Ugh. I just find it challenging to find clothes for her, though, as it's easier to get clothes and accessories for a Neo Blythe. I think I will get a Neo Blythe for myself for my birthday. Hee. For the first time since I got here, I went outside the house so I can take photos of her. I'm so excited for my miniatures to arrive so I can take more nice photos of her!



Two Years Eight Nights and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie and Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It.


I spent this morning listening to The Greatest Showman OST and the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hamilton. SO GOOD.


Pajamas, all day every day.


How I shouldn't feel guilty that I'm not working. I guess working has been ingrained in me for so long that I am not used to all this free time.


Rested, but a bit sad. I really miss my boyfriend as it's the longest I haven't seen him.


The Fab 5 of Queer Eye! It’s so easy to slack off and neglect yourself if you’re just at home and don’t feel nor see a “reason to preen and prettify”, but as the Fab 5 couldn’t stress enough, SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT.

Here are my current favorite self care essentials:

BEACHBORN Bath & Body Oil in Lavender (I prefer this over lotion these days), Witch Hazel Wash, Aloeha, Bam Balm, and Piggylash (my eyebrows became sparse and grew thinner since I started using eyebrow products)
L’Oreal Revitalift LASER X3 Power Water, Day Cream, Night Cream-Mask, and Eye Cream, Belo SunExpert SPF40 for the Face (I apply this even though I stay inside the house all day), and Leiana House of Beauty Serum Concentrate
I repeat: Self care is important!


Like I said above, I want more clothes and accessories for my Lilly!


To lose weight. Plus I read somewhere that ketosis helps wounds heal faster, so I started the ketogenic diet again this week by ordering my meals from The Sexy Spoon. (I stopped doing keto before my operation.) I wasn’t able to take photos of the meals I had last Monday because I scarfed them down before I remembered but here are the meals I had yesterday:

Bacon Wrapped Zucchinis, Baked Italian Porkchops, Chopsuey, and Chocolate Donuts. I even got a bonus cupcake because the business is owned by a classmate from college, Jones!
Today's menu included these:

Coco Waffle with Bacon and Egg, Fish and Chips, BBQ Beef Brisket with Caulimash, and Salty Chocolate
Everything I've had so far is so good, and I already lost 2 kg since Monday! I think I'll keep on ordering from them!


That March will be a great month before I turn another year older in April.

In other news, it will be my first time in a week to leave the house tomorrow as I'll be going to the hospital for my follow-up checkup. Wish me luck!

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