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Orange you glad we're friends?

I went to TriNoma with my friend Mich last Wednesday to get the book I have reserved from Fully Booked, details of which will be blogged about in the next coming posts. I got the book, then decided I wanted  a cream lace top. Long story short, we went to Landmark.

I did not find any.

I know I should have just walked away, but the lure of the Green Light Sale was too tempting to resist.

In the end, aside from the most expensive book I have ever bought in my life, I also got these:
Printed top - P299.75
Orange faux leather satchel bag - P349.75

Pooh ring - P29.75
Hello Kitty ring - P29.75
 I couldn't help it; I KNEW I needed these in my life.

And I was right! Because the "look" I came up with these pieces turned out to be one of my most favorites:

Top - Landmark | Thin purple belt - YRYS | Black shorts - 168 | Orange faux leather satchel - Landmark
Long necklace and bangles - Oxygen | Heels - So Fab!
Thanks Tracy for taking my outfit shots :)

I know being an impulsive shopper is very destructive for my wallet. I promise I won't be this weak next time. Ehem.

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PS: Sorry for the cheesy blog post title! Please don't un-friend me :))

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