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27 November 2011

Last night I went to my dear friend Dianne's birthday celebration. Dianne is one of my oldest friends - we've known each other since we were four but we started getting really close in high school. We even belong to this core group of five girls (together with our other friends Carmela, Niel, and Jella) we nicknamed KKK ♥ And then, our core group partnered with another core group of four guys and basically we just meshed into this one big group of awesome, funny, crazy people :)

Unlike before, opportunities to just chill and hang out with them are few and far in between because of work and other stuff so when they do come, I make sure I make time.

Third, Dianne, Fem, Aiza, Ric, Verr, Ching, me, Glen
With Dianne's baby and my god-child Kaylee Brent ♥
The last time I saw Ching was on Kaylee's christening. THREE YEARS AGO!
We stayed up all night just talking and laughing over beer and food with me chugging Mountain Dew instead because I don't like beer. At around 2AM we suddenly craved for Coke Float so we called 8MCDO, but boo we were told there are no riders available to deliver our orders. We tried Jollibee instead but we were told the same. Tsk. So they went home LOL. I slept over at her house because my parents do not want me to come home anymore when it's already late, even though she lives just a few streets away from my house.

While there we also made plans for our other friend Neil who is getting married two Saturdays from now. It'll be held in Batangas so yay, road trip! I just wish my schedule can be fixed as I am supposed to have work that day. Crossing my fingers!

My friends are either getting married and/ or having babies. We're adults. Such a big and scary word... When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?

I just wish all of us will be able to attend Neil's wedding. And maybe for a chance to just relive the innocence and silliness of our high school days. ♥

"You know what's one of the saddest sound in the world?
Children playing.
There is just something about sitting in your room with the windows open,
listening to their joys and laughter.
It's like there is some sort of magic going on outside
that you can no longer join in on.
Something you can no longer grasp.
A secret club you can't remember the password to.
And you realize that you've grown up."

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  1. Hi ate :) I'm a 1st yr college student now and i'm still hanging out with my hs friends ALL THE TIME! I just felt the same thing when I read this :| I kinda felt scared just thinking of having no time to bond with them in the future. But that's just how it is, we just have to deal with the changes that are meant to happen right? :)

    xx Bei


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