Meeting Mario Maurer

02 November 2011

Well, we weren't really formally introduced to each other, but the fact that my friends and I got to stand less than 10 steps away from Thai cutie Mario Maurer still makes me giddy ;D

I am too embarrassed to admit this, but I actually whooped when I read the email from Miss Jad of Publicity Asia on behalf of Penshoppe inviting me to both the Fan Conference and Penshoppe's show for Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012 :)

Thank God for supportive bosses, I am out of the office at as early as 9AM last Friday. My friend Mich and I traveled the long way from Quezon City to Vito Cruz to meet with Ana, and then finally to PICC where the FanCon was held.

Upon reaching the venue, we were greeted by this:

Suuuper long line under the sun!
I know Mario has a lot of fans, but I wasn't expecting this great turn-out! We tried to amuse ourselves by talking about other things, but I have to admit I wanted to give up already. What's even more frustrating is that when we got in after waiting for almost 45 minutes, we learned from Keigh that it was a classic case of miscommunication and it turned out that we had VIP passes and shouldn't have fallen in line all along x_x

Still, there's no use crying over spilt milk.

All I wanted was to see him in person and find out whether Mario is as cute as he is in photos and his films, but the energy of all his fans there were really very contagious that I couldn't help but clap and cheer along whenever pictures of him were flashed on the screens heh.

After a short program hosted by VJ Utt - wherein multi-ethnic girl group Blush performed, brand manager Alex Mendoza said a few words, and short videos about Penshoppe's evolution were shown as presented by other Penshoppe endorsers like Victor Basa and Sollenn Heussaff - lights were dimmed...

Everyone waited with bated breath...
And a figure emerged in the shadows.
Then the lights went on, the hall almost erupted with the hundreds of girls simultaneously clapping, stamping their feet, and crying out his name!
One smile, and all thoughts of waiting outside under the hot sun melted away. Suddenly everything's okay with the world la la la I'm sprouting rainbows. (^^,)

He was interviewed by Miss Joyce, and he answered each question so charmingly and adorably that I wanted to march to the stage and give him a big hug :D I only realized towards the end that I had a stupid, dopey grin the entire time. Oh my Mario, you seriously charmed me off my socks!

I therefore conclude the big whoop I made after being invited was justifiable. Hah!

Goodbye came a little too soon.

Oh, about the 10 steps proximity we had with him? We were standing by the exit behind PICC to go to Keigh's car in the parking lot when he and his entire PR team walked in :) Ana called his attention to say Hi, and he Hi-d back! Win! We went to SM Mall of Asia for late lunch and dessert still feeling kilig all over ;D

Four happy and giddy girls :)
I got to see Mario Maurer again the next day at Penshoppe's show for PFW but I gotta say the FanCon was more memorable :) Thank you, Penshoppe and Publicitiy Asia! Special thanks to Miss Jad for inviting me and my blog-sisters :)

Outfit of the Day
Top - Penshoppe | Shorts - 168 | Booties - PILL Footwear
Bag - Tomato | Leather armband - Penshoppe

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