Christmas-er and Christmas-er.

07 November 2011


Always remember to keep the dementors out ;)

Hi everyone! Notice anything new here lately? That's right, new colors! I was feeling pretty festive yesterday so I decided to tweak the theme a bit. Pink is still my favorite color but you have to admit too much of one thing can be pretty tiring. I like this color combination because I think it just screams CHRISTMAS!

I don't know why but I'm in a good mood today :) I hope this continues all throughout the week, the month, until Christmas, and until the end of the year!

Oh wait, I know why I'm in a great Christmas-y mood! This coming Saturday I will be in Araneta to witness the lighting of Coca-cola's giant Christmas tree! I really enjoyed last year so I'm really looking forward to this one. Besides, one of the biggest wishes of my heart will be granted that day: Natasha Bedingfield will be there so I will get to hear her sing live! Her song Unwritten is the ultimate 'song of my life' so I couldn't help but shed some happy tears when my good friend Ed invited me. So amazing! I don't know if she will sing it though since it's a Christmas event but hearing her sing anything live will be more than enough :)

Enjoy the long weekend, guys. I hope these good vibes reach you from your computer screens and stay with you all ♥

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