CBTL's Small Talks for Big Changes: Make Me Over

23 November 2011

I think it's great that my blog opens me to a lot of opportunities not only to expand my network but also to experience things I wouldn't have been able to. Last Saturday morning found me in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Shangri-La Plaza for the last leg of the Small Talks for Big Changes brunch series.

During the mini gathering. Preview magazine's Associate Editor Eunice Lucero gave us a crash course on style basics, the industry's latest trends, and fashion forecasts for Spring/ Summer 2012.

Take note, kids! Next season's trends will include:
  • Dewy, virtually pore-less skin, barely-there blush, and berry-stained lips. Time to brush up on those "no makeup" makeup skills! Silver and white eyeshadow will also be BIG again.
  • Tousled, just-got-out-of-bed hair. I guess my short and always-messy hair will be bang on trend, then! The key is to look like you don't care at all. But of course you do! ;)
  • Say goodbye to color-blocking! S/S 2012 will have lots of pastels and dainty florals.
  • Better tone up those abs, for S/S 2012 will make us see lots of crop tops. This trend I like. Gotta take this 30-day challenge seriously!
  • Channel your inner Summer Finn, the retro vintage trend will still be here!
  • I don't think I will be comfortable wearing sporty and athletic wear, but apparently we'll see lots of it next season, too!
I need her cape in my life.
I like it when Miss Eunice said that "ignorance is not an excuse anymore." With all the channels with which we can get information these days, it's a crime not to be informed. I love how the Internet has opened lots of doors and windows for us to get more fashion influences.

Of course, "comfort is the most important thing." There's no use following what's fashionable and on trend if you're not comfortable with it. For example, you wouldn't see me buying athletic clothes anytime soon, but I do love that the next season's trends also include pastels and florals - as my closet is already bursting with these pieces. Miss Eunice also said that she has noticed how bloggers have their own style aesthetics. I've noticed it, too, and I agree when she said "we are our blogs' own advertisement."

We enjoyed these sweet treats and drowned in coffee all throughout the session :)
Aside from the talk and brunch, it was a treat to see The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's new single-serve system, the CBTL. Dubbed as the future of coffee and tea, this personal barista makes it possible for coffee and tea afficionados to enjoy more than 70 varieties of their favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink at the comfort of their own homes, with just a touch of a button.

There are three buttons: for milk, for tea, and for coffee. To prepare your drink, you just have to put one of those un-opened packets on a compartment inside, press a button depending on which drink you want, and voila! Instant drink! Just like magic! What a nifty gadget which I'm sure my coffee-loving friends (especially Nikolett) will love ♥

More photos:

With Celyn of GeiserMaclang :)
With Keigh, Nicole, and Ruth
With Jen and Kai
Top - 168 | Skirt - GAP | Heels - LandMark
Earrings and Necklace - The Little Things She Needs | Bracelet - Anagon Collection | Bag - Accessorize
I'm wearing florals, tousled hair, AND barely-there makeup. I guess I'm ahead the trends! ;)

What trends are you looking forward to? Fashion is just an ongoing cycle, what trends would you like to come back again?

Big thanks to GeiserMaclang for inviting me!

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