With new hair comes new responsibilities.

22 November 2010

Remember I told you a couple of posts ago that I would have something new today? Well I did get something new, but it was not really what I expected. Nevertheless I feel like I have made the right choice. Intrigued? Here comes the story :)

If you have been reading this blog for quite a while now you'd know that I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I love that it's thick and wavy, but I hate that it's too thick and wavy! I swear, almost every day is a bad hair day! But then again, I am not really too bothered with my hair. I am the type of girl who just wears a pretty headband or ties my hair up in a ponytail; I don't care too much about my hair so long as I have pretty shoes on ;D

But these days I've become more mindful of my physical wellbeing and the way I carry myself. Two years ago, I decided I wanted to have my hair permed. It took me a long time to arrive at that decision so when I finally did, it broke my heart to learn I couldn't have a cold perm because I had my hair relaxed before. The hairstylists I talked to then advised me to just have my hair digipermed. Another year came and went, and today was supposed to be the day I would finally have it done. I went to Tony and Jackey in SM North EDSA - Annex with my friend Mich, my heart full of hope that I would emerge from the salon with lovely curls tumbling down my back. However, the hairstylists advised me as well that due to the harsh chemicals used when the hair is relaxed, the digiperm might not work for me and I might just waste my money. I appreciate that they offered me that advice even though it somehow meant a loss for them (the procedure does not come cheap, you know).

I didn't want my visit there to be in vain though. I was determined to do something with my hair, and so after an hour in the salon under the fabulous hands of Seven, my Korean hairstylist, I went...

from this (dull and lifeless hair blech)...
to this!
I am not joking, it was the first time I actually felt hot! By my own standards, I mean. I've always felt I'm too skinny, too geeky, etc., but you gotta admit that hairstyle looks perfect with that one-shoulder top :D I also realized how much my hair was weighing me down; my head feels so light right now! :D

What was I thinking while Seven was snip-snipping my locks away? I didn't feel sad because I know my hair will soon grow long again, actually. I felt... Hmm. I felt excited and happy when I realized I would be turning 25 next year, so what better time to do things like this than today? Right?

Pizza Hut for dinner :)
After a hearty meal, Mich and I went to Watson's and the Health and Beauty Section of SM North EDSA for my new hairstyle's needs. With new hair comes new responsibilities (and I know shorter hair actually means higher maintenance), so I got these:

Vidal Sassoon blow-dryer and pink paddle brush. It is my first time to buy a blow-dryer (don't judge).
A tub of CreamSilk Precision Repair Treatment (I hear it's good!) and freebies
Straight a-head Hair Straightening Serum and Professional Shape Shifter, both from Bench Fix
Not exactly for my hair but I got a lipstain in Fashionista and a cream eyeliner in Ivory from elf
I remember having Victoria Beckham's short bob before. I really liked that on me but didn't want to go for the same hairstyle again as I wanted something new this time. A drastic change, but not too drastic as having my hair cut like Emma Watson's hee.

What do you think?
I'd like to thank Mich for coming with me. She always makes these things fun :)

What about you? Any drastic changes lately?

PS: Whenever I was asked what my biggest regret in life is, I always answer I have none, but now I think I may have an answer already: having my hair relaxed! XD

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