30 June 2011

Because of blogging, the world has become smaller and my social circle, wider. I have always been very vocal about how thankful I am that this blog has become a great avenue to meet new people who will hopefully become my friends. One of the best friends I met through blogging is Kym (regular office-worker by day, t-shirt designer and ninja by night), a Filipina whose family migrated to Hong Kong when she was two years old, then to Canada when she was eleven. She recently got married, and a day after her wedding she and Winmark, together with their respective families, flew to Manila to celebrate the happy news with their relatives here.

Of course I wouldn't let this opportunity pass without meeting her, would I?

We planned a shopping day after her reception here this coming Saturday together with our other friend Jessica, but last Monday, (because Kym knew it was my rest day from work) Kym invited me to Greenhills for a spontaneous meet-up/ shopping day. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to finally meet her!

While waiting at our appointed meeting place, I was surprised when a pair of hands suddenly grabbed me! IT WAS KYM!! We caused quite a bit of a racket, hugging and laughing and jumping around. It was amazing-crazy-awesome :)

Everyone, meet Kym!
Go visit her blog if you haven't yet :)
We spent about an hour going around the different shops in Shoppesville, Theater Mall, and Virra Mall with her best friend Bernice and her sister-in-law Winella. It was fun seeing them haggle with the stall vendors, trying their best not too look like they're from abroad so the prices won't be jacked up. We also talked a lot about how cheaper it is here as compared to Canada. True enough, when we met with their families, they were all carrying lots of carrier bags! :p

Kym and I weren't able to take lots of photos, especially those jump-shots (haha) our other blog-friends have requested as it was quite crowded in the mall. We promise to do those on our next date! ;D

Kym and Krissy :)
After a thousand blog comments in each other's blogs, a hundred tweets, What's App messages, and Facebook wall posts and private messages, I am so happy I finally got to meet Kym in person and hang-out for real! It was so awesome that it seemed like we do this meeting-for-shopping thing regularly. Kym is so sweet, so bubbly and energetic, and so pretty! I love this girl!

Look, aside from a giftcard. Kym also gave me this pretty F21 necklace ♥
Aside from meeting Kym, I was also able to claim one of my prizes from Ana's giveaway: a pair of shoes (of my choice) from Pill Footwear. It was difficult to choose because all of the shoes available are so pretty, but in the end I chose this:

So purrrrty ♥
I picked this pair because the design is not normally one I would choose to buy if the money will come from my own pocket. Kinda like a "luxury item", you know.
I am also very proud of myself for not succumbing to the luring temptations of pretty dresses available for sale! Or maybe I really don't have money left any more?

Thank you soooo much, Kym! See you on Saturday, I'm sure you will look absolutely divine!

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