I am so glad we said herro!

10 July 2011

September 2008. I was new in the blogosphere (in Blogspot, at least) and I barely knew anyone. I got bored after a while so I went back to my Multiply Journal

August 2009. I went back to Blogspot after a long hiatus. I kept to my own world and even though I was already following a few beauty blogs back then, I still treated my own blog as a personal online diary. While blog-surfing, I thought that it would be great if I can also meet other people I can consider my blog-friends, so I started leaving short comments on other people's blogs.

October 2009. I started following Kym on her now defunct blog beecreative.ca, and after I posted a comment on one of her posts back then, she returned the visit and commented on this post. It also led the way for me and Jessica to meet, who first commented on this post

A hundred thousand comments on one another's blogs (even when they changed URLs,) after, we became really close. ♥ Kym and Jessica are two of the best friends I met through blogging, and they were ones that I bugged (a lot, sorry -___-) when my heart got broken last year.

September 2010. Kym and Winmark got engaged! I was so touched that even before she announced it in her blog, she told the news to me already :)

October 2010. Jess and I met in person for the first time :)

June 2011. Kym and Winmark got married!!! Such a beautiful wedding that I wish I could have been able to attend. See the photos here

July 2011. Kym and I met in person for the first time :)

Jess and I were also invited to Kym and Winmark's post-wedding reception that was held at the Century Park Seafood Restaurant in Century Park Hotel last July 2. It was a lavish affair filled with love, good food, and fun people. I actually teared up at least thrice: during the prayer led by Kym's dad, during the father of the bride's speech, and when they showed the slideshow of Kym and Winmark's photos.

Chandeliers ♥
Jess and me
Nope, we didn't plan to go with coordinated outfits ;D
We were served more than 10 dishes.
I was so full I got seriously scared I would burst out my dress!
Me, Kym and Jess
With Tracey, the photographer who took Kym and Winmark's beautiful wedding photos and my photos from this shoot
Pretty ladies at the photobooth :D
Me with the lovely couple ♥
Thank you for inviting us, Kym and Winmark!
Big thanks to the event hosts Filbert and Shanda, I was able to sneak a video presentation we made for Kym, very much like the surprise video they made for me on my birthday :) Too bad I was seated a bit far from the stage so I wasn't able to take a video of her reaction. but she loved it! :)

The newlyweds were busy with other guests at the reception so we weren't able to really bond, so we made plans to have a "proper" date the next day. Our stop: TriNoma - where they were FINALLY able to taste all my favorite foods I've been blogging about!

The three of us, much more laidback and relaxed this time :)
Lovely, lovely couple.
I've never seen a more well-matched pair!
Food coma followed in the forms of:

Dinner at Bigoli...
and dessert at Parvati ♥
So full!
But it didn't stop us from doing jump shots because Kym just LOVES them haha!
Here we are, at the 10th take ;p
All good things must come to an end though... Last Friday, Kym and Winmark went back to Canada - but not before I saw them again for the last time! Well, at least not for a couple of years. Or a year. Crossing my fingers for Bali, Indonesia!

I prepared a mini box filled with goodies and little treats for her ♥
Dear Kym,

It was awesome to have finally met you in person! You are every bit as beautiful and spunky and energetic as the Kym that I read in your posts. It makes me sad that I won't see you again for a long time, but I am comforted by the knowledge that we'll always have Facebook, Twitter, our blogs, and WhatsApp. I love you and I am thankful that we met and became friends! ♥ Congratulations, best wishes, and, I am saying it here again, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

PS: I can't wait to say "herro!" to your and Winmark's future babies!!!


PS to my readers: Kym also makes unique and pretty awesome shirts! Visit her shop here.

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