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17 November 2009

Because I am and have been a very, very good girl (haha!) I am rewarded with awesome people to meet in the blogosphere. You peeps certainly make me love blogging even more! I used to just blab about anything and everything, all the while thinking nobody cares what I post (and I am just wasting Internet space), but now it is even more fun (and great!) because you actually read what I blab about :D

I am thankful for you amazing people, and now I will share to you this award that Duni gave me:

Best Blog Award

From her blog, "This award is presented to newly discovered blogs which you think are great and should be on your regular reading list. You may choose up to fifteen blogs." Thanks Duni, I really appreciate it, and I do hope you feel better soon! ♥♥

I am now passing this award to:
A really funny and witty lady :)
She is one cool chick! I feel like if I met her personally we can be really good friends.:)
She is just one big balloon of happiness :) She also sells really cute statement tees! (I would love to order but I don't have Paypal x_x) If you are feeling a bit blue, click here for a dose of Happy Moments :)
I love how she shares beautiful photos, comic strips and other whatnot's in her posts. :)
I'm excited for the postcard exchange, you guys should join in as well! Click here to know more :)
I love her honest-to-goodness thoughts about anything and everything :)
I love her stories! I am presenting this to her even though she doesn't accept awards right now :)

I wish I have discovered these awesome people's blogs sooner! But late is better than later, yes? :D

I do acknowledge the fact that there are still a lot of great blogs out there I haven't discovered yet, so if I am not a follower of your blog yet and you would want to share it to me, please do leave a comment and I assure you I will visit your page. Or maybe I already follow your blog and you would want to recommend someone else's? Please do leave a link so I can check it out. Let's all spread the (blog) love! ;)


On a related note, I would also want to answer Jessica's tag. Thanks Jessica! :)

It is a music tag where you have to answer each category with 3 songs. Easy enough? I don't think so! I have a lot of favorite songs and it's tough to pick just three! :D

Top 40 of the moment:
1.  Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
2.  Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
3.  Sweet Dreams - Beyonce Knowles

Songs that represent your feeling at the moment:
1.  Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert
2.  Put Your Records On - Megan Joy's version
3.  She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra

Songs that give you spirits when you are down:
1.  Fireflies - Owl City
2.  Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
3.  You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift

1. Once in a Lifetime - Craig David (Uhh, I'm not sure whether it's suitable for a wedding, but I love this :))
2. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
3. Come What May - Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor (I am going to copy Jonas' wedding song LOL)

1.  T-Shirt - Shontelle
2.  Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy - Tata Young
3.  Turn Your Lights Down Low - Megan Joy's version

I hate my ex, he is a real jerk:
1.  Womanizer - Britney Spears
2.  Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake
3.  Promises - Cranberries

R&B nite:
1.  Love Like This - Natasha Bedingfield feat Sean Kingston
2.  Songs of Craig David

I can't think of anything to answer this right now so I will just go back and edit this post. Sorry :D

1.  Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield (this is the soundtrack of my life)
2.  Wonderwall - Oasis
3.  Let Love Lead the Way - Spice Girls (I cry whenever I hear this. I am so cheesy it's pathetic :D)

1.  Songs of Owl City
2.  Songs of Boyce Avenue
3.  Pretty Flowers - Steve Martin

So there are my answers. I am tagging everyone who hasn't done this yet and who might want to do it. Enjoy! And thank you for being awesome! :)
*This is my 17th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. Oh sweetie! thanks so much for thinking of me xD
    i love all these bloggers you listed too ^^
    and your playlist!

  2. Thanks hun, for thinking of me. you're so sweet! I too read most of the blogs above and love the writers!


  3. hey krissy first off its great to discover new blogs isnt it?

    and I hope you will follow me, its ok if you wont but i hope you will, mine is just not really that good hehe.

    and I also love owl city lately its great his songs are always soooo upbeat its insane haha. thanks again for writing great blogs.

  4. Hey Krissy, thanks so much for the award! I feel honored to be awarded. Thanks so much! And yes Krissy, we have to meet in person. I feel like we will get along just fine. I'm from Mandaluyong, and I gather you're from QC?

    And yey, the music tag! Hey I love Damien Rice! Your right, The Blower's Daughter is such a romantic song. And Cry Me a River fits the I-hate-my-ex-he's-a-real-jerk category perfectly! :)

  5. awww yey! congrats on your award. And congrats to everyone you awarded. Very very deserving people. I'm a follower of Duni's blog too. Love her blog and she is sooo crafty. =)

  6. @ Manju and Toothfairy: You're both welcome! I'm happy I stumbled upon your blogs :)

    @ Annie Marie: It is! And I love Owl City! Their songs are just so upbeat and cheerful :)
    I followed you already before, the first time you commented on one of my posts, I even read your post that you will be on hiatus for a while as you will use your Multiply. Your blog's URL is right? Your last update is 5 weeks ago, you should update soon sister! :) Thanks Annie Marie! :)

    @ Jessica: Yes I am from QC! :) Haha I was debating with myself whether I will include that Justin Timberlake track, it's sooo cheesy! Haha but I thought hell I will post it! :D I love The Blower's Daughter.. I'd like it to either be a song on my wedding or my funeral. Creepy, right? :D

    @ Mel: Yes, Duni is great! I would have included you in that award list Mel, except that I have discovered your blog a year ago now, that doesn't make you less deserving though. I'm so excited for your Christmas Exchange Gift Idea! :)

  7. awwww krissy! you're so sweet, thanks so much, this made my day! :)

  8. @ Nashe^ and Kym: You're both very much welcome! :)


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