Gadget-shopping in Greenhills

13 November 2009

Today I went back to work after my "forced" vacation. Incidentally it is one of my favorite days of the month: payday! (That's your silver lining right there.) I was out the whole day and just got home from another tour (haha) with Dane. After Quiapo in Manila City yesterday, this time we went to V Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City (or is it Pasig? Sorry, I suck at directions and am one of the most geographically-challenged people I know). It's the same mall where I got Lady Fabrize and he, Fabrizio.

Today's itinerary? He wanted to get a PS2 for his nephews and nieces who are staying with them at their house. :)

After a couple of hours going around the mall, he finally settled for one store.

There's the guy, choosing what games to be included in the package. He doesn't want to show his face to the camera x_x

Testing his new toy :)

He got the Sony PS2 in white, just like Lady Fabrize's and Fabrizio's color. :) He originally wanted the silver one to match his silver TV but its glossy surface as opposed to the white's matte one put him off. Besides, the salesman told him the silver is more prone to scratches.

I did not leave the mall empty-handed. I finally got a laptop skin for Lady Fabrize!

G-Cube notebook skin

white with hibiscus flowers in gold and silver

I wanted to get the one with the pink leopard prints at first, but chose this one instead since it looks more classy and elegant. Besides, it's only the best and nothing less for Lady Fabrize :D G-cube is manufactured by A4Tech and this specific design is part of the Golden Aloha collection. At 450php, it is already a steal. I asked Gmask (a store selling skins for laptops and other gadgets) how much it would cost for them to put a skin on my 10.1" netbook and they told me it will be 2495php. What? You mean the fee for labor is 2000php (since the skin is only 450php)?? Er, no thanks. This also has a matching optical mouse but the store I bought it from does not have any stocks anymore. It would have been cute to use that as well, yes? ;)

Anyway, it is payday indeed but I felt like the money just barely touched my hand before it is allocated to other things. I give money to my Mom to help in the house and pay the Internet bill, aside from paying rent for the apartment as well as budgeting for groceries, toiletries and other miscellaneous expenses. It is expensive to have two houses LOL. But I am not complaining, I am happy because I am able to help my family at the same time I am exercising independence and learning how to be more financially adept. I just think I haven't really learned at all yet.

So, I guess there is beauty in realization that there will always be something that will be added to my wish list but it doesn't mean I HAVE to get it. When I got back to the apartment today and I put my sandals in the shoerack I was surprised at the number of shoes I have added to my collection ever since I started to live alone and wondered if I really do need them. Well, being a girl, yes I need them (LOL) but what about the other stuff? Christmas is coming so I really need to learn to rein and control myself so I won't overspend on things I wouldn't use in the future anyway. :)

*This is my 13th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. love the skin! it's gonna look great with lady fabrize. and what? labor is that expensive? they must be kidding. ano bang kelangan nila gawin para umabot ng ganun kalaki ung babayaran sa kanila? sheesh ...

  2. i love gadgets! the skin is so pretty

  3. what a lovely laptop skin! really nice

    happy weekend krissy!

  4. whoa nice!
    i almost forgot, i must plan my xmas shopping now!xD

  5. @ Kaye: Thank you! Oo nga, super expensive talaga x_x

    @ Amynaree: Thank you :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you :) I hope you enjoy your weekend as well! :)

    @ manik_reigun: I know, right? :D


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