The beauty of plain white tees.

16 November 2009

If I will be asked what my ultimate closet staple would be, I'd answer that it would definitely be plain white tees. Why, you ask?

This is because plain white tees are the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. Since it is plain, it provides a nice canvas for your outfit. If you think of it in terms of makeup, it serves as your foundation :)

You can wear it on days you just want to kick back and relax, like this:

Lazy day at the office
white V-neck tee, denim jeans, bronze sandals, mustard headband

You can also wear it if you're wearing a statement headpiece, just so your entire look won't be too overwhelming.

Soraya: Diwata ng EDSA (lol)
white V-neck tee, silver elastic hippie band

You can also wear plain white tees under tops or dresses that would have been very "revealing" if worn alone, kinda like make them jumper tops or dresses.

Flying around fountains and candy clouds
plain white tee, pink lace and crochet dress, white sandals

Swimming with the fishes in Manila Ocean Park
plain white tee, aqua sleeveless top, khaki shorts, Havaianas Flash Etnics in Golden Sun, clutch bag, fishes necklace, silver bangle, gunmetal headband

Likewise, cover-ups and scarves are good ways of jazzing up a plain white tee.

plain white tee, black and white striped cardigan, Oreo tarp bag, dark denim jeans, Havaianas Luke Stedman Bones, red heart acrylic necklace

Excited for a trip to Tagaytay
white tee, hot pink cover-up, black leggings, Havaianas Kids Candies in pink

Corporate? I don't think so.
white V-neck tee, black vest top, acid wash denim jeans, white sandals

Walking down cherry fields (photo taken on October 5, 2009)
white asymmetric top, denim jeans, white sandals, cherry print scarf worn on neck

Walking down cherry fields (photo taken on November 16, 2009)
white asymmetric top, my favorite skinny jeans, bronze sandals, cherry print scarf worn on the waist

And my favorite! I am really a girly-girl and I LOVE skirts - especially those with unique prints - so plain white tees are perfect for them :)

A little native-flavored
white tee, blue/ beige/ brown striped skirt, Havaianas Flash Etnics in Golden Sun

A day at the spa
white tee, bronze anchor necklace (inspired by Becky Bloomwood's necklace in the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie)
You can't see my skirt in there (I wasn't able to have a full-body photo taken) but here is what I wore:

Black skirt with scarecrow prints. Very unique!

Mourning for Tita Cory
This photo was taken while I was in line for former President Cory Aquino's public viewing in La Salle-Greenhills
white tee with ribbons on the sleeves, skirt with yellow and green floral print, bronze bag, Princess Jasmine necklace

Malibu Barbie
My favorite! This is a pick-me-upper outfit :)
white tee, Brown Belly rainbow skirt, rainbow platforms, mustard headband

Umm, sorry for the vanity photo overload, I'm just trying to make a point here at the same time illustrate them as well, ladies :) I have a total of seven plain white tees (including the asymmetrical one from Folded & Hung) in my closets and I daresay I want more :D

So, so long as you know the fit that's most flattering, then plain white tees are the way to go if you are stuck in a wardrobe rut and have already spent a good twenty (or thirty) minutes figuring out what to wear.

What about you, what is/ are your closet staple(s)?

*This is my 16th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. yep!
    you're definitely right

    plus i think basic colors are the ones that suit most fashion statement accessories.

    You look great in all of the photos,girl!

  2. White tees definitely are one of my staples as well. Along with black tees, a really good statement black jacket, tight fitted jeans / pants, little black dress and leggings.

    Nice mix and matches btw!

  3. Can you believe that I don't have one? Been searching eBay for a white shirt that would be fit me just right.

    Love the first look. Very casual Jen Aniston :)

  4. Hi Krissy! I'm a plain white tee and blue jeans girl myself. It takes the guesswork out of fashion. Miss you!

  5. @ Thiamere: Yes, especially those big statement or bib necklaces. You wouldn't want to steal the attention from them, would you? And thank you! :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you! :) Every girl should definitely have those in her closet.

    @ Meream: Thank you :) Every one of my plain white tees (save for the F&H asymmetrical top) is from 168 Mall and SM Department Stores! Good luck on your haunt for the perfect white tee! :D

    @ Miss Guimba: I miss you, too! :)

  6. I love how white just goes with anything. I'm in love with the color white, it's so fresh, clean and classy

  7. Your outfits are very pretty! Especially the one with the black vest. I own a few white Tees too, which I sometimes customize:)

  8. wow, very versatile indeed! :)

    luv how u mix and match :)

  9. wow! You have a good style girl! I like these photos <3

  10. @ Mel: Me too! It really is versatile :)

    @ Fayery: It does :)

    @ Duni: Thank you! Oh I had one shirt customized for my birthday this year, maybe I can include it to this list :)

    @ Mia: Thank you :)

    @ Aralka: Thank you :)

  11. my staple is a black dress.
    love basics, it's so much fun reinventing them

  12. nice! I'm not so much of a t-shirt wearer... but I do love your combinations.

    too bad, white t's don't stay white that long usually when I'm wearing them... :P


  13. @ Manju: I also love how you can wear black dresses in so many ways, just by changing the accessories you pair with them :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you :) Maybe the reason why they stay white when I wear them is that I stay cooped up inside an airconditioned office :D


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