I should really start doing my Christmas shopping as early as now.

19 November 2009

What could be better than receiving a package?

Why, receiving multiple packages of course! In my case, four! :D

Lovely surprises waiting to be opened

Well, they aren't actually surprises really since I have purchased them online myself, but you get my drift :D This is one of the reasons why I love earning my own money :D Thank God we have eBay.ph and Multiply sellers! I have been wanting to buy stuff from etsy, Amazon and eBay but I don't have Paypal x_x

Anyway, let me share with you my new goodies. :)

class picture :)

First is this silver pocket watch that came in that brown paper envelope. I got it from Ana's online store and she is so sweet in leaving a note on the paper :).

Silver pocket watch with long silver chain

The front features an ornate floral design

The back features a train with a moon and stars above it

Here's what it looks like when it's opened

Isn't it pretty? When I opened it I felt like Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. :)

The next package I opened is from Ida, a fellow blogger who had a beauty blog sale. Thanks so much Ida, I loved them!

I enjoyed opening this one because it was wrapped in like 6 magazine pages, plus a blue gift wrapper. She also included a sweet note :)

Everyday Minerals products

The package contains an Everyday Minerals Foptic brush and an Eyeshadow brush, both brand new. She also enclosed sample pots of Everyday Minerals Color Corrector in Peach and Blush in Back to School. Sigh, because of the many beauty bloggers I read regularly, I am becoming encouraged to buy more makeup x_x

I also bought a dress from Rhiza of The Dreamerie.

Job Interview from The Dreamerie's Street Fashion Collection

It is a simple khaki/ pale yellow dress with a structured neckline. It was love at first sight when I saw this, I just knew I had to have it. I am so excited with all of the different ways I can jazz this dress up. :)

Last on today's line up is my Belle de Jour Power Planner for 2010. I had the planners for 2007, 2008, and 2009 and I loved them; it only follows that I have next year's as well. Besides, I love its over-all chic look.

It's so pretty :)

I got it from Belle de Jour's website. She will stay in my closet for the meantime as I don't want to open the planner yet. I'm thinking I will just open it on the second half of December. Which reminds me, the year is almost closing! 2009 is the best year for me yet, so I am just so excited for all the possibilities the coming year will bring :)

And since we are on the topic of New Years, Christmas is coming soon miladies and gentlemen! One of the awesome bloggers I met online, Mel, is hosting a Christmas Blogger Exchange Gift! This is a brilliant idea, you guys! For more details, click here. Come on you guys, this is going to be fun! I myself joined and I am excited to know who will be assigned to me. :) Whoever it is, I promise to do my very best so that you will like my gift. :)

Anyone up for it? Remember, there is beauty in giving! ♥♥

*This is my 19th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. I really like this silver watch! Very nice!

  2. Lovely hauls! It's nice to get tons of packages, I just love opening them!

  3. It's so cute you have tweety bed sheets :)
    And wow you got a lot of goodies, I like seeing the make ups the most!:)

  4. I love love love that pocket watch! I would like to have one, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use it, so it would be waste of money! :S


  5. Hello dear! Love your latest buys. I'm waiting for my Ilog Maria package this week myself. Aah, Paypal! That's why I don't park money there. It's just so easy to pay for online shopping and pretty soon, when I check it, it amounts to so much more than I've planned. Lol!

    I do my Christmas shopping all year round. Isn't that weird?

  6. oh my gosh! i love that clock !!! :} it's so cute!!! i want one!

    anyway, i should go shopping more often too! i always run out of clothes ! heheheheh... or maybe i just hate laundry days :[

    also, thank you for the birthday greeting! it means alot to me!!! ^_^

  7. wow dami hauls hehehe.

    super nakakaadict mag online shopping hahaha. :)

  8. @ Aralka: Thank you! I love that watch, it looks so vintage chic :)

    @ Nina: Me too! I think I love the thrill of having new packages more than its contents haha!

    @ Andhari: Thanks haha, even though pink is my fave color, Tweety is still my fave cartoon character :D I have only just become interested in makeup so I'm still learning :)

    @ Toothfairy: Yeah, I think it would be perfect for costume parties haha :D

    @ Miss Guimba: Haha that's the same with me when it comes to GCash :D Oh, what a nice justification for shopping! You just have to say it's for Christmas, brilliant! :D

    @ Abby: Thank you :) I hate laundry days too and try to avoid them as much as I can :D You're welcome Abby :)

    @ Cha: Sinabi mo pa haha! :D

  9. you enjoyed opening the package heehee! yay :D i was trying to recycle using the magazine pages :D It feels like christmas when all my packages arrive on the same day or within days of each other, sarap!

    nice haul, ang gaganda nnung items...pag nag paypal ka, international parecels naman!

  10. Me too! Opening packages gives you a certain rush like no other! :D

    I'd like to have Paypal just so I can get my pink nails onto those beautiful handmade goodies in etsy and also some books that are hard to find here in the Philippines.. But I don't want a credit card :D

  11. I already scribbled on my BDJ Planner. My EQ is soooo low :)

  12. Lots of good finds in multiply really. Have you discovered Sepa, that shop in Cebu selling accessories. That is one of my favorite multiply sites.

  13. @ Abby: Ooh you have a BDJ planner na rin! Yay! :D

    @ Leah: Sepa is one of my business contacts in Multiply but I haven't bought anything from them yet. Thank you for the recommendation! :)


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