How do I love this day? Let me count the ways.

07 November 2009

Oops this post came a little late x_x I know it's already past midnight here in my side of the globe but since it is still the 6th of November in other countries then just forgive me for posting this just now, mmmkay? :D

I just came home from a movie and coffee date in TriNoma with my bestfriend Jerome. This day is filled with stuff that I can include in My 30 Days of Beautiful Things so I will just enumerate them here :)

1. I can smell Christmas!

 Support Services putting up a Christmas tree

That's in the lounge area in our office where employees can also use the computers to surf the Internet. We used to have Bo's Coffee here but it was closed just a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe it was a year ago now already when they first put up a Christmas tree in that spot. Time flies really fast! I kinda miss Discovery Suites. When the Quezon City site was not yet finished we used to be based there and the trees at the lobby of the hotel were HUGE! They even set up a real gingerbread house and hired a person to be Santa Claus! :)

2. I saw 500 Days of Summer with Jerome and fell in looove ♥♥

movie posters

I finally saw the movie I have been wanting to see since a couple of weeks ago! You all have probably read a hundred reviews and raves about this movie already, so all I can say is that it was good, really really good. I hope you all can watch it, that is if you haven't seen it yet. I would want to write a more in-depth review of this as well though. Maybe after I see it for the second time on Monday :)

3. I was able to bond with my bestfriend Jerome.

Teta (that's what he calls me, a deviation of my real first name Kristel) and Jer

We've been bestfriends since 6th grade and it's hard to believe we will come this far. Nope, we've never been involved romantically and there's no way we would be more than just friends. Yes, a purely platonic relationship can exist between two people from the opposite sex :)

4. Having my photo taken with my favorite twins!

Jerome, Krissy, Jonas

Yes, Jerome has a twin brother. Isn't that the coolest? :D I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had a twin sister, will we be like carbon copies of each other, or will we be like Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield? Anyway, we met with Jonas after the movie, had coffee and then went home to Navotas.

5. Using my Starbucks gift certificate!

P100 gift certificate award for hitting our monthly target on the 5th day of October

A gift cert is a gift cert, no matter which way you look at it :)

6. Going home with goodies :)

Uh-oh, someone has been spending way too much again...

I said I won't buy anything, but I came home with these. 12 by Manix Abrera (which is justifiable since I have long been waiting for it and should have had it since Oct 26 if only I was able to go to the launch), 12 Steps to Quitting AJ by Faye Ilogon (justifiable as well. It's a Summit Media book recommended by TL Arjay), Sex and the City movie DVD (justifiable, just because), and McDonalds pink LE Coke glass (justifiable because Jer also got it in charcoal. Besides, it's only for 25php!)

7. Something too hot to share it deserves its own blog post :D

I hope you enjoyed this short post. I am so glad I dragged my lazy arse out of the pad instead of my original plan to watch DVDs 'til my eyes bleed. I am on my core leave so I am available all weekend and most of next week. Will go back to work on Friday! I am looking forward to a week of de-stressing :) And that's a beautiful thing! All work and no play makes Krissy a grumpy lady :)

*This is my 6th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. KRISSY!

    i loved really loved 500 days of summer and wow we have similarities from the movie, i have been loving zooey deschanel thats why and thanks for also loving the movie. i love your blog thanks again for sharing.

  2. I love 500 Days Of Summer and not just because I have a massive girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. The movie plot totally moved me and see all those confessions? TEARS.

  3. @ Annie Marie: You're welcome! Zooey is so pretty! I also liked her in Yes! Man with Jim Carrey :)

    @ Andhari: I totally bawled and my bestfriend was laughing at me the whole time :D But he also loved the movie :) I loved it! It wasn't like you were watching a movie, it's like watching real life unfold :)

  4. awww you guys are so cute. You guys would make a cute couple ya know? heehehhee.... I haven't seen that movie yet, but I have heard lots of good things about it. I can't wait to see it.

  5. @ Mel: That can never happen :D Oh sweetie you HAVE to watch the movie! I'm sure you will like it ;)

  6. yes i know haha, goodness i hope she has more movie we can see her on.


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