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Birthday gift-shopping day

I was finally able to get a birthday gift for Dane! His birthday is tomorrow and I have been racking my brains, thinking what I can possibly get a guy who already has everything. My friends and officemates came up with very "creative" answers, but I don't think I will be giving him any of those in the near future :D

Today my housemate Asther and I went to TriNoma so she can help me look for a gift, and maybe do some shopping on the side.

housemates :)

I thought of giving him a shirt from Team Manila as he doesn't have one yet.

Team Manila, TriNoma

Team Manila is a local brand conceptualized by Filipino graphic designers whose merchandise's theme revolves around Pinoy pop culture. I am happy that local designers are getting more attention and support now more than ever. Pinoy pride at its finest. :)

They sell shirts for men and women, button pins, canvas bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, ID and cellphone holders, even lomo cameras! I love the interior of the store, and their designs are so cool! Just look at the recyclable plastic bag:

They made our National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal look modern and cool

I will post a photo of the shirt I got him tomorrow so it'll still be a surprise in case he gets to read this. In the meantime, let me share with you some of the stuff I got.

Clear umbrella and clear toolbox with pink handles from Japan Home Center and cheetah-print convertible headband/ scarf from Landmark

black boatneck tee and thin silver belt from Genevieve Gozum

I only got a few things. Quite surprising, yes? Umm, I am actually reining myself in because Christmas is coming! :D

I am excited for tomorrow! I hope he likes my gift. I mean, I agree it's not really creative as compared to one I would have made myself, but I love the design of the shirt I got for him! What about you, can you share memories of the best gift you ever got someone? :)

*This is my 29th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


Leah said…
Hi Krissy! Where did you get that clear umbrella? I was forever looking for one ever since I saw Japanese women and men using it.
donnarence said…
hi krissy..i am definitely sure he'll love your gift.. :D
Ahahgshene said…
lol whoa! jose rizal is wearing stunnuhs. now that's pretty hip! :P
krissy ♥ said…
@ Leah: I got it from Japan Home Center in TriNoma for only 88Php. I love it, very Lost in Translation-ish :)

@ Donnarence: He did! Thanks! :)

@ Abby: It is :D
I'm totally diggin' that clear umbrella!
krissy ♥ said…
Me too! And I love that it's really inexpensive! :)
Rey Abisan said…
Nice naman ng blog. I'll be celebrating my birthday next this April 7. Aside from birthday cards I hope I can have a good gift from my parents. I really want to have that Ipad 2 in my hands!

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