Meet Kiss, my pink pet

24 November 2009

I don't know what took me so long to blog about this when I play this everyday. I am sure you are familiar with this, I am just not sure whether you play this game. Maybe you have gotten tired of this game already and have long since moved on to other Facebook apps. XD

So, what am I talking about? Why, Pet Society of course! Pet Society is a game developed by Playfish and launched within Facebook that enables the player to create a pet, decide its appearance and gender, give it a name, and make it do a host of activities to earn coins that can then be used to buy stuff like food, furnitures and clothes. Even though I am already 19 23, I am still a sucker for dress-up and simulation games (like Poupee Girl and The SIMS. I was also addicted to Millsberry for a few months a couple of years ago.) Ever since my friend/ officemate Frank introduced the game to me, I was hooked!

Ladies and gents, meet my pet Kiss in some of my favorite outfits on her.

This is my favorite outfit on her. :)

Oops, my pet also sports glasses!

Kiss as a Lolita

Kiss as a faery

Kiss does the cancan!

Preparing for a party with a face mask on :D

Kiss' Halloween costume! Yep, I bought the Invisibility Ring on the Cash Shop store :D

Kiss channels Marilyn Monroe

And let me share photos of her house!

one of her two gardens

this is what I dreamed my Pink Positive-themed 23rd birthday celebration to be

Wizard and witch-themed room

Kiss' kitchen

I was supposed to make this her dressing room XD

Kiss' T&B

I have another room but it is not yet fully-furnished :D

At the moment my pet is on level 31 with 101,758 paw points and Royal Pet status. Only 242 points more to go to reach level 32! :D I know all about those cheats where you automatically reach level 47 but I don't want that. For me it takes the fun out of the game. I like playing Pet Society on my own leisure anyway :) (That being said, if you happen to have cheats for unlimited coins, can you kindly share it to me? :D)

I can only infer that the reason why I love Pet Society and I keep coming back to play it (aside from my aforementioned love for dress-up and simulation games) is because this game offers something new each week. Every week, there are new items to acquire from the shops (featured on the Just Arrived! section), as well as "limited edition" items (seen on the This Week's Special section). Besidesm they are too cute! :)

I used to visit this really cool site where the site owner posts spoilers about the coming weeks' TWS and other nifty updates like new trees, fishes, etc. but the site is no longer available when I visited it last Sunday. I keep visiting everyday, hoping that the site is just undergoing maintenance but I get the same error message each time: The site you are trying to reach does not exist. Boo!

I also play Restaurant City, Cafe World, Sexy in the City and Farmtown but Pet Society is still my favorite. Wanna visit Kiss sometime? :)

What about you, what are your favorite Facebook games? Or fave computer game, for that matter? :)

*This is my 24th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. haha wow you play a lottta games!! ;P kiss with the glasses is so cute! ;P

  2. i know your pet kiss since we are friends in FB, and i know its totally addicting too, i also love dress up games, they are just cool to dress up your pet in anything haha.

    thanks krissy cute post.

  3. oh man ! you too?! lol. i get so much invitations to play games! what is up with facebook and games? lol. there's pet society, farmville, anagrams, scrabble, restaurant city.... and much much much MORE! hehehe... i wish i had time to play.

  4. haha this game is so cute! your pets look so adorable with all those lovely outfits! hehe :)

    i should try Pet Society. im currently addicted to looklet :)

  5. @ Kym: Yup I do, haha thank you! Don't worry Kym, I don't post my updates in my wall LOL :D

    @ Annie Marie: Thanks for visiting Kiss! I do visit your pet, too! :)

    @ Abby: You should try it, just to see whether you'll like it :)

    @ Noelle: Thank you! I have a Looklet account but I rarely visit it XD


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