Old friends, new experiences.

15 November 2009

After almost a year of not seeing each other, my Sinister Sister Jinna and I were finally able to meet up again! Recks and Minnie were not able to make it though, hopefully next time we'll all be available because I really miss my girl friends.

We decided to meet in TriNoma and watch 2012. Unfortunately the mall was packed and the lines were very long so we just went to the adjacent mall - SM North EDSA - and ate and saw the movie there.

waiting for our food at Mexicali

As expected (from the looong lines of people wanting to see it), the cinema was packed. They did not sell reserved seats, only guaranteed ones. We went to Cinema 6 15 minutes before the movie started and all the good seats were already taken! We had to sit three rows from the screen so the movie REALLY loomed before us; it was dizzying at first but was okay once I got the hang of it. Besides it is interesting to see the actors' pores LOL!

So what did I think about the movie? I don't want to ruin the experience of some of you guys who might not have seen it yet, so I might be able to do my full review within the week. Let me tell you something though, I thought it was awesome! I wanted to see it because of the bad ass effects and not because I was expecting too much from the story *ehem*War of the Worlds*ehem* and you know what, it certainly did not disappoint! It was an orgy of explosions and I was left at the edge of my seat for most of it! A word of caution though, suspend your disbeliefs first before you go and see this movie. :) And yes, I love you, John Cusack! :)

Wow, three movies in two weeks! I am certainly on a roll!

These are from Jinna's recent (and not-so-recent) trips abroad!

The pink chopsticks are from Japan and the gold elephant is from Thailand.

This elephant opens to reveal a compartment inside, pretty much like a locket. Cool, huh? :)

She's so sweet :) As we swapped stories, I cannot help but comment again and again on how old and more "mature" we are now as compared to our college-student selves. Her siblings (who were all so young when we used to do our thesis at their house) are all grown-ups now! We talked about our families, work, and how we were back in college. It's fun to reminisce from time to time, isn't it? It's just hard to imagine now that what we used to be in college will still practically be the same in two to three years.

I love my friends! Here's hoping we can do this more often. :) What about you beauties, what do you and your girl friends do to unwind? :)

Pinoy pride soars high today as well, congratulations Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! :)

*This is my 15th (Yay! I'm halfway through!) of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. it's been a while since i've watched a movie but everybody is quite fascinated with 2012. I'll try to watch it na din!

    cute stick!
    whenever i eat in a japanese restaurant i always take home the extra chopstick & use it to pin my hair

    reunion with friends is one of the happiest thing to do,right?
    im glad you had a great weekend

    hope the start of your week will be lucky

  2. I always do the same thing each time I meet up with friends.
    Dine and talk! talk and talk some more... I don't have that much time to meet up with friends, but I love to do it. I have one friend with whom I like to shop. We talk during the shopping trip and during dinner.
    Other friends it's usually dine and talk!


  3. I always love sppending time with my old girlfriends, after all they know you the longest and sometimes the best. No more facade and you just can be yourself around them :) anyhoo, I so wanna watch 2012. The tickets were sold out last weekend, that's crazy!

  4. @ Thiamere: Yes, please do watch it, I think you will enjoy it! (Haha I sound like a promoter for the film :D)
    Wow, I'm jealous. I can never style my hair that way, it's too thick!
    It is :) Thank you, I hope you did, too :)

    @ Toothfairy: Girl friends are just awesome, right? :)

    @ Andhari: Yes, I love that there are no pretensions at all when you are with your girl friends, and you can always laugh off awkward moments with them :D
    It's really crazy! The cinema was really full of people, good thing we were able to get tickets for the 5:30PM screening because the other screenings are way late already and the movie is 2 and a half hours long! I hope you get to watch it soon :)

  5. 2012 ticktets were sold out here too! ARGGHH.

    And yoooo I love lockets! Been quite some time since I bought one!

  6. (BTW don't forget to email me if you want in on the postcard exchange) hehe

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  8. I know what you're saying, people are all over 2012 these days! I went to watch it last Sunday too, and we had to settle for the 8pm screening because the ones before it were all sold out! I couldn't believe the hype!

  9. So one question: will the effects make a migraine girl lose her lunch? Teehee

  10. @ Nashe: I hope you get to watch it soon! :) Btw, I emailed you already, thanks so much again! :)

    @ Jessica: Did you like it, though? :)

    @ Meream: Nope, I don't think so. Go watch it! :D


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