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09 November 2009

Today I saw This Is It in SM The Block with my Mom, sister Kyla and cousin Jerico. It was actually Jerico's (he is 3 years old) first time to watch a movie and we are glad that he behaved. :)

Honestly, I am not really a big MJ fan since I was still very young when he was super big in the music industry but I do appreciate his influence on the MTV generation and I believe it is only apt for him to be named the King of Pop. I grew up listening to his songs though because my Mom is a fan. I think Jerico is an even bigger fan than I am because at such a very young age he already knows the dance steps and sings his songs as best as he can with his 3-years worth of vocabulary :D (Reason for this is my Mom, being a fan, occasionally pops in the DVD player a DVD of his greatest hits.)

So what did I think about the movie? Let me tell you this: It has been about five hours since but I am still reeling. I thought that it was AWESOME! It was a spectacular showcase of musical genius, technology, showmanship and amazing dance moves! Watching it is an emotional rollercoaster ride. I may not be a big fan of MJ, but I became one (a little too late) after watching him bust his moves and display his musical prowess. It is hard to believe he is already 50 years old! Music is pulsing in his veins and you can really feel him pouring his everything onstage. Not once did he look sickly; he was in his element.

The director Kenny Ortega and all the people behind the concert series that should have been did an excellent job! It wasn't the final dress rehearsals yet but everyone was performing like it was already the real deal. Attention is paid on every little teensy detail, and whatever cost the tickets were would have been worth it for it really should have been a once in a lifetime experience.I thought Britney Spears' concert in Las Vegas was the bomb, but that seemed child's play as compared to the scope of This Is It.

I loved Thriller (you should not miss this!), Smooth Criminal, Earth Song, The Way You Make Me Feel, Human Nature, Beat It, shucks I loved everything! But my ultimate favorite would definitely be Man in the Mirror since it has been my favorite MJ song ever since. :)

I also loved the way he shared the spotlight with the other people in the concert, most specifically guitarist Orianthi Panagaris and vocalist Judith Hill. You can really feel them reverberating in awe and gratitude for having been given this chance to perform with him, even just be on the same stage as he is. It's just, wow. And yes, the dancers are hot :D

(Pssst, I'll let you in on a secret. I now know where I got my crybaby genes from! When the movie ended I saw my Mom dabbing at her eyes. Awww.)

It truly is a thing of beauty, the way he developed his talents and shared it to the world. After all the negative publicity that tainted the Man in the Mirror, after all the speculations made while he is still alive and even after he is dead, this movie provided the closure his fans needed. He may be dead, but at a press of a button and at the first chords of his songs, his memory lives on. The King of Pop will forever be remembered. May Michael Jackson rest in peace now. I really recommend that you watch it on the big screen for an experience like no other.

*This is my 9th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. I'm no fan, but I do like a lot of his song and it's abs. a waste that he's not among us anymore.

    My uncle used to such a fan, that he dressed the same as MJ did and had his hair permed, so that it would look like MJ's curls!

    yup, crazy... :P


  2. Hi Krissy! Just doing a little blog hopping before I go back to work. Your blog's the first one I visited. I love MJ but I liked his songs, the ones like "Heal the World" etc. Makes me cry always, makes me feel like I could and should be a better person.

  3. @ Toothfairy: Yep, it is such a waste.. May he rest in peace now. Your uncle sounds fun btw! :)

    @ Miss Guimba: It's great to see you back here! Thank you, that's so sweet :) Yes, I like that his songs are very inspiring and make us want to make a difference. He was a very talented singer and songwriter. Have you seen the movie yet? You should! :)

  4. Krissy, I want to watch this too! It sounds pretty interesting :) Also, regarding my blog sale, I can reserve the items for you til friday. Let me know w/c items you'd like me to reserve. Just leave a comment on my blog or email me, thanks :)

  5. You should definitely watch it Ida! :)

    I posted a comment in your blog, yay thanks! :)

  6. I haven't seen that yet. My friend saw it and she said she cried in parts of the movie. I love MJ's songs. He was a very talented fella. =)

  7. He is :) My Mom also cried at the end of the movie. You should watch this Mel! :)

  8. I watched it too last week, I think? And I liked it! After the movie, people gave a standing ovation. It felt like I was at a concert.

    I loved their production of The Way You Make Me Feel. It's so cute! :)

  9. Hi Jessica! It was really amazing right? I loved it! Yes, The Way You Make Me Feel was rad! :)


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