Conquering Quiapo. Or how I spent the last day of my forced vacation.

12 November 2009

I didn't actually have any idea at first what to post here today. I pledged to post a beautiful thing everyday for my 30-Day Blog Challenge, right? But my forced vacation ends today and I go back to work again tomorrow so I am kinda finding it hard to appreciate the beauty of it. Sick LOL.

Maybe I'll just tell you how my day went, yes? I am now back here in my apartment in Quezon City after being cooped up in my parents' house for the duration of my vacation. Having arrived here at 3pm, I went out again because Dane asked me to accompany him. I went home just a little after 9pm.

For those of you who read my previous post where I poured my pink, glittering heart out for everyone to read, and hopefully not judge, yes, Dane is the one. He asked me to go with him to Quiapo to check out the optical shops in Paterno Street. For those who aren't from the Philippines, Quiapo is a place in Manila where you can get cheap everything - cheap appliances, cheap cameras, cheap eyeglasses, you get the picture. It truly is bargain heaven. Also known as the ehem, pirated DVDs capital of our country, it is also the place to go to if you are looking for raw materials for making handmade accessories and other crafts.

We looked through optical shops after optical shops but being the fickle-minded person he is, he was not able to choose anything he liked. We were also supposed to go to Greenhills (where I got Lady Fabrize and he, Fabrizio) which is in another city just so he can buy a game console but he decided not to anymore since it was already a bit late.

So basically we just spent the day walking, talking and laughing. He even asked me to hold onto him so I won't get lost in the crowd. That is a first! Before we even got into this he had warned me beforehand that PDAs are not his thing. Well, he held my hand twice today :D Don't worry, we did not forget dinner. We ate at Chow King :) And now I'm turning into a big ball of cheesy goodness. Shucks.

I wish I have a photo to show you but because I was afraid of snatchers who might run away with my phone the minute I whip it out to take a photo, I was not able to get any :( But I can show you this:

This photo was taken at KFC in UP - Ayala Technohub last month. We weren't wearing glasses there. Just imagine us wearing glasses (black for him, pink for me) and a little bit sweaty (from all that walking), plus he's wearing red and I'm wearing black, and you get the picture of us today haha!

I love these moments, just talking, laughing and just going where the day takes you to. It is a beautiful thing, methinks (even if I have to go to work tomorrow. Sheesh.) See, I have a knack to see beauty in everything ;)

Krissy's note: Please forgive me for this post... It is a product of being tired and sleepy and being worried that I won't be able to wake up in time for work tomorrow. It is now 11pm (eep!) and I need to sleep now.. I promise to post something with a little more "substance" tomorrow. Good night, beauties! :)

*This is my 12th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. Oooh, I went to Paterno St. last month to have my eyes checked and my lenses replaced! I got a really good deal for multicoated lenses. Only PhP 600! Major savings as opposed to almost PhP 2000 that was quoted for me. :)

  2. Oooh it's that bad with phone snatchers in that area huh?
    anyway, i like this one picture, you guys look cute together ^^

  3. cute picture! i'm also always paranoid of people running away with my camera if i ask them to take a pic! haha!

  4. I think it's incredibly sweet that he said he's not into PDA but held your hand twice! Aww :) That picture is really sweet and that sounds like a nice day of your forced vacation to me haha. I love pirated DVDs *ashamed*

  5. that's cute, that he actually hold your hands anyway! TWICE! you do make a great couple, I'd say! hihi...


  6. @ Nina: Yay for savings! The optical shops in Paterno St. really do offer cheaper glasses and lenses as compared to those in malls. :)

    @ Manju: It is bad, indeed. Aww thank you :)

    @ Kym: Thank you! I'm paranoid about that, too! :D

    @ Nikolett: I agree, it actually made me feel all cheesy giddy haha! Thank you, and yes, I do indulge in pirated DVDs, too :)

    @ Toothfairy: Aww thank you, but I guess we'll just cross the bridge when we get there :)


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