Letting go is hard to do.

05 November 2009

I finally sold the gorgeous Michael Antonio pumps I posted here. The buyer paid immediately after I sent her the invoice of the transaction so I told her I will ship the shoes once I get it from my QC pad. So, earlier today after work Dane went with me to the pad so  I can get the shoes and then we can go to an Air21 center to have them shipped. Watcher also went with us. While we're on our way to Air21 I took one last look at the shoes, kinda like a final goodbye,and wished her luck with her new owner. I have never used them because they're a size too small but I have fallen in love with  them the first time I saw them. It's just hard to let them go. Dane and Watcher, on the other hand, couldn't help but laugh at me.

Now you may think I am shallow for being sad about shoes. If you're a guy I can understand your sentiments, but if you're a girl with the same love for shoes then you will surely know what I mean.

It's not just shoes! I still have school projects and exam papers dating from when I was still in high school, dried up nail polish bottles from when I was in my sophomore year in high school, lots of bags, clothes (I don't have and have never had the intention of wearing), shoes that don't fit me anymore, accessories, books, journals, empty bottles of perfume, and a host of other things. I just can't seem to throw them away! I am a total packrat who wants to keep everything. My room (a little messy but clean) has been  called my Serenity in Chaos, all because of the myriad of things you can find in it.

Maybe the reason why I find it difficult to get rid of them is because of  the sentimental value I attach with each item. I'm just  a sucker for memories and reliving them. In selling one of my favorite shoes (and my birthday present for myself, for that matter), it seemed like I also forfeited my chance of reliving memories when I see them. It's not just the pair of shoes itself I am saying goodbye to; letting go of belongings may also mean forgetting the memories connected with those stuff.

But then again I know I should organize my stuff already since there is hardly any space left in my room to make way for future "acquisitions". I read somwhere that it is best to get all your things and pile them into "things I still need and cannot get rid of", "things I can still find some use for", and "things I cannot use anymore". Those in the third pile I would either donate or sell online. Yeah, I think  that would be a good solution.:)

It is indeed hard to let go, but there is still something beautiful in it. It makes you realize that eveything is fleeting and we should not be attached to material things. Letting go of  a person is much harder than letting go of stuff, right? And what's the most beautiful part of letting go? Making space for new ones! :D

*This is my 5th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. i'm like you, a real hoarder.it drives my dad crazy coz my room is just so full of 'stuff' everywhere haha

  2. before when i was younger i used to have sooo many books stuff toys and all junk then we had our house renovated and all of those stuff winded up being given away, the stuffed toys now are in with the children that need them the most, the kids in the hospital, the books are also shortened,

    but still even with a short supply of books you still wind up having a ton if you buy a book each time, then you end up throwing some away again haha. its so hard. but like you said it is better off you throw those away at least when you get a new one you wont feel guilty of not having enough space in your room. good post i like it.

  3. @ Manju: My parents also nag me a little about this haha, but it's not like I ask them to organize my stuff for me right? :D

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you :) I have to stop buying books now because I have a very long list of backlogs already. I would like to finish them before I buy new ones. But what can I do if good books are continuously being published? :)

  4. true we just have to push ourselves not to buy haha, but seriously i havent really read too much of good books, seriously but im happy anyways and yes i also want to stop buying already but like you said we just cant stop.

  5. I still find it hard to get rid of clothing items, especially shoes. But it gives you prspectives sometimes, no? Or excuse to shop again? lol

  6. @ Andhari: Yep, of course when we lose old stuff, we gotta go get new ones :D


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