Delicious fastfood. Coffee. Friendship.

02 November 2009

I was feeling a bit sad earlier today because I was not able to go home to my hometown. It has been a tradition for our family to go to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Memorial Park to visit our relatives who have already passed away and my baby sister Kim who died 13 years ago. She was born a premature baby and lived for only 8 days. I was not able to see her alive since I was still very young that time and was not allowed to visit in the hospital. I felt really sad that time and asked God why He took my baby sister away. He answered by giving us Kyla three years later. And ever since my paternal grandma passed away four years ago, it has already become part of our tradition to go to Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Park as well. And of course, November 1 is an informal reunion for me and my bestfriends from high school. Good thing they moved it to tomorrow so I would still be able to see them.

Anyway, the reason of me not being able to go is because my core leave which should have started last Thursday was moved to next week. It sucks, but I did not have any other choice.

I can hear you thinking, "I thought she said the theme for her blog challenge is My 30 Days of Beautiful Things? How come she's blabbering about depressing stuff??" I'm sorry about that, let me digress.

My housemate went home to her family in Laguna, leaving me alone for the weekend. But alone doesn't have to be lonely, right? I intended to spend the day having a movie marathon by my lonesome at the pad.(I bought a new TV last Friday :)) But my officemates/ friends had other plans. Mich, Watcher and Frank convinced me to go with them to SM Fairview so I went home to change and off I went.

Krissy, Mich and Watcher
photo taken by Frank

Mich treated us to Wham! Burger. After a sumptuous meal filled with BIG burgers and laughter, Mich's bestfriend April arrived. Off we went to Starbucks where we spent about two hours ingesting frappucinos as a treat from Watcher and smiling and posing for photos.

Krissy, April, Mich

Watcher, Frank

will smile for photos

It was a fun day filled with laughter, stories and memories. If you were made to choose between those and a lazy day of watching DVDs, what would you prefer?


Delicious fastfood. Coffee. Friendship. What could be more beautiful than those on an otherwise gloomy Sunday? :)

*This is my 1st of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. so sad about your baby sister... :(
    sorry about that! but I'm glad you had a day full of laughter and happines!

    well, I couldn't chose, because both days would be fun! and I will enjoy them both either way!


  2. I'm so sorry you were feeling down, you do need those moments with friends and laughters to cheer you up. I'm just glad they are there with you :)

  3. That is one of the beautiful days then!!!

  4. hello krissy! :)friends really brings instant joys!! heehee.
    gooodluck to the 30 day blog challenge pretty!! <3

  5. I so so so love it Krissy...wish we could do that big hug for you **HUGGGSSS**

  6. Oops I forgot to include my name...hehehe..Mich hir! Toast to that calorie-rich frap!Ü

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  8. Aww, so sad what happened to your baby sister. Like they say, when God closes a door, He opens a window. At least you have Kyla now. :)

    And hey, you're so spot on! Nothing beats being with your friends, laughing, eating, and posing for pictures as you kill time. I will never trade that for anything else. And you were left all by yourself at home? It's a good thing you didn't get scared? haha.

  9. @ Toothfairy: Thank you! Come to think of it, yes I agree that both activities can be fun on their own ways, whatever you're in the mood for :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you, you are so sweet! :)

    @ Chymere: It is! :)

    @ Cha: They really do! I just loooove friends :) And thank you! :)

    @ Mich: Cheers and hugsss! :D

    @ Jessica: I was a bit creeped out last night when I did realize that it was November 1 so I made sure I opened all the lights while netsurfing :D


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