Mild makeovers

14 November 2009

I stayed up until 12 midnight last night for this:

a jazzed up Lady Fabrize

I put on her the skin I bought yesterday and it's gorgeous! :

Isn't she pretty? :)

The gold and silver hibiscus flowers perfectly matched her white color. It feels summer-y, yet Christmas-y at the same time! I'm happy Dane suggested I choose this over the pink leopard print one but I would still want to have that as well :D

On a completely unrelated note, I got a new fringe! :D

I don't know if you can see it in the photo but that's definitely a fringe right there. (Though I might need to take another photo tomorrow after I take a bath.)

The last time I've had one was when I was 12 years old! Wow :D I originally wanted full bangs but the stylist advised me it might not suit my face shape and that I will look better with side-swept bangs. So, who else to trust than the expert himself, right? My friend/ officemate Sasha also had one but I wasn't able to take a photo.

I love it! I think it put a nice accent to my facial features. Having the same hairstyle for two years got a bit old.

I love my thick and wavy hair, I love my dimples, and I love that I manage to stay thin (even when I  indulge on all kinds of food) because of my metabolism. But sometimes I wish I could be a little bit taller. and that these nasty scars from shaving leave my legs already. An additional 10-20lbs wouldn't go amiss as well. And lastly (but perhaps my biggest wish), I hope I am not wearing any glasses anymore (I've had glasses since I was 8 years old x_x). I want to be able to play with eye makeup as well but it is not really practical as I have these glasses. Using contact lens is another option but I don't know, I'm just uncomfortable putting a foreign object in my eyes. :) I know it is best to be content and thankful with what you have, but it is not really a sin to want to exchange places with someone else just to see what it would be like, is it? I love Rachel McAdams, I wish I have those same large, expressive eyes she has as well as her luminous aura and demeanor. :)

What about you, if you were to makeover one aspect of your life, what would it be? Be more specific, like if you want to somewhat makeover your physical appearance, what specific alteration would it be? Nothing too drastic that would require cosmetic surgery, please. If you could exchange places with a celebrity, who would it be? Let's call these mild makeovers.

I am not in anyway promoting negative body image and I would not want all our self-esteems to be affected. I just thought it might be fun to pose these questions to you and get your opinions :)

*This is my 14th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. luvin ur laptop!!!

    nice hair, too! :) isn't it fun being able to play with ur hair :D

    i'd also wish to be taller!!! haha. and a bit thinner wouldn't hurt.. more specifically my tummy hahaha

  2. nice job with the skin, it's so cute!

  3. Babe I love your new bangs, how fresh! Anyhoo it's so normal, human,and woman for us to want somethinf different. For me, I always wanna be taller too. And despite people telling me I'm skinny, somehow I always thought I could be skinnier lol crazy right.

    Don't worry, we got each other to convince ourselves we're okay the way we are when we feel down. That's what so cool about women friendship :)

  4. aww the new laptop skin is nice :)

    well if i could exchange places with a celebrity, i would like to be bella swan haha not kristen stewart(tama ba?)but bella swan mismo heehee. *sigh* heehee just thinking about it makes me kilig hahaha.

    yey! ur almost halfway sa 30 day challenge :)

  5. wow, this laptop looks very cute :)
    An you look very nice too ^-^

  6. @ Mia: Thank you! I am loving its classic design more and more, but I still want that pink leopard print haha! And yes, thank God we can always grow our hair back in case we don't like a new hairstyle :D

    @ Amynaree: Thank you! :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you! I love your photos from your fashion show! So fierce, and you are so pretty! :) Regarding our height, thank God for heels! :) And yes, cheers to girl friends! :)

    @ Cha: Oh to be the center of affection of two hotties! :D Whoops thank you for noticing! Yes, I'm halfway there weeeeh! :D

    @ Aralka: Thank you, you are so sweet :)

  7. I love your laptop. Sooooooooooo cute.

  8. first i want to say good job on your laptop so cuteee.

    then if i would makeover myself I wish i would stay with long hair, I know its hard to take care of and all but well we learn as we go along right? then lose weight, i have been fat ever since my tonsils were taken out and i ended up eating alot. then learn how to dress better, i envy those girls who know fashion like a palm of their hand and they always look great, im still learning what style i am and so far im liking vintage and bohemian.

    hmm it doesnt look like i answered your question haha. but thanks for your body image problems we all have them.

  9. The skin you picked out is really pretty!

    I wish I could grow a new head of hair. I don't know what's happening to my hair but it isn't healthy as it used to be. I could lose a few pounds although technically I'm not overweight. I wish I was taller too!

  10. *looking at my white netbook and thinking of jazzing it up as well*


  11. @ Mel: Thank you :)

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you :) I also envy girls who can really rock the vintage and bohemian looks a la Nicole Richie and MK Olsen :)

    @ Nina: Thank you :) My hair doesn't look too healthy these days as well, but I am thankful that it is thick like my Mom's and I did not get my Pap's thin hair :D That being said I need a hair treatment asap!

    @ Meream: Oh you should! And the skin actually serves as protection for our babies against scratches and bumps. It's waterproof, too! :)


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