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When someone says something not so good about you (or what you love to do)

I am in a slump.

I was in 2nd year high school when I realized I want to be a writer. I was a geek and a conscientious student but more than any other subject it was our English classes I looked forward to. I immersed myself in the beautiful world of literature and weaved stories of my own that I wrote in my journal. I loved that my classmates and friends loved (or so they said) the stuff I wrote. (Maybe sometime I can share some of them to you guys. -Ü) I was rewarded by getting high grades and was even recognized as the Best in English among my graduating class. I continued that streak when I studied in college; I loved all our subjects but my favorites would have to be English Proficiency Instruction, Intensive English and Critical Writing. I got high grades in these classes and was also praised by my professors for the writings, reviews and what-have-you’s I presented to them. I still have those, compiled and tucked as some of my prized memories from school.

I may have some lapses when it comes to grammar so I make sure I reread my drafts before I publish them. Once published and there is something that does not sound right when read aloud I edit it immediately. You can say that I am my best and worst critic.

What is the point of this? I don’t know. Maybe because someone said something not so good about my blog? I don’t exactly know this specific someone and the information was just relayed to me by a friend who got told of this by this someone. I pour my heart out when I am writing my posts and this blog is an extension of myself so it was like a blow to my personality as well.

I don’t even know why I am affected when a universal cliché already exists that “we cannot please everybody.” Maybe it’s the PMS talking. And yes, I also got the red proofreader marks in some of my projects for school, and it’s fairly easy for me to brush off criticism and use it to improve myself but this is the first time someone said a criticism on my work in that way. Maybe it’s not so much as what was said as to how it was said? I guess I just need to feel sad for a while. I am sure I will be bouncing back in no time. Meet you tomorrow when I am back to my pink positive self!

*Photo stealthily taken by Ruther on 12 February 2009 in Tagaytay. While they enjoyed the scenery, I laid a mat on the grass and scribbled on my journal.

*This is my 22nd of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


Miss Guimba said…
Oh, dear. Don't mind those negative folks, although I know exactly how you feel when someone criticizes my work or my writing. I'd be equally devastated. I surely know you'll bounce back in no time. It's hard to do, but sometimes, get the feelings out of the picture, take what you think is true from their statements and take it from there. While in your heart, you say "Panget ka!" Works well for me. Lol!
Maui (Suushh) said…
aww so many negative people out there. I live by the saying "I only value the opinion of those I respect". Somewhat related to you cant please everybody hehe but its hard not to care, soo at the very least care about what the people you love think, the rest can suck on their toes hahah
It's so easy for some people to criticize others without looking at themselves. But in the first place, are they even worth worrying about? Be sad now, but I'm hoping to see you pink tomorrow. Cheers! =)
annie marie. said…
dont worry about that krissy, im sure that certain someone will never bring you down. keep up the blogging good works.

and yes i did also enjoy english in school more than math hehe.

thanks and feel better.
Anonymous said…
Hi, just read your blog. I understand how it feels like, especially for someone like you who dreams of being a great writer someday. It really hurts when someone gives a negative feedback on our work (the fruit of all our effort). In my case, I never thought of being a writer someday, but now, I'm into that line of job. During my first days, I received a lot of criticisms from my boss, and it wasn't that easy for me. But as day goes by, I became interested in writing that's why I tried to find every possible way to improve my writing skills. My boss said that it's getting better. He also taught me a lesson. "You won't grow if you always have compliments. Sometimes, criticisms help us to strive harder to improve our skills (ourselves)." Hope that helps.
Siddhesh Kabe said…
hey landed on ur blog from godkknowswhere...but liked it...u r ossum yaar...

keep writing...:D
Unknown said…
hi there kristel. (; don't get upset. i think you're indeed a very good writer. i'm not saying this because i'm a friend of yours (not exactly super friend), but i'm saying this because i can feel that you really put yourself into your blogs.
honestly i envy you because you express yourself in English very well. i love wrting blogs too but i don't have the guts to do it because i'm not really good when it comes to grammar.
just think of those negative comments as a challege to bring out the best from krissy. (:

...mich (:
Jessica said…
At first, I'm so OC with my posts too. But you know what, I realized that, well, we all have flaws. Even English-speaking natives themselves commit mistakes. Working at an editing slash publishing company, I get to witness this everyday! So relax, it's not just you. And if there are people who criticize your writing, screw them! I hate it when people find faults in others without looking at their own lives first!
krissy ♥ said…
Thank you so much for all your kind words :) I feel so loved! ♥♥
ChinkyGirLMeL said…
Hey sweetness. Don't worry too much about what the one person said and how they criticized you. The important thing is you make a lot of people happy with your posts. Don't let the negative aspect out weight the positive ok? =)
liz said…
hi krissy.i've always wanted to be a writer too and i feel what you wrote in this blog. it's so hard really when someone says something bad about one's work specially when it's not given in a constructive way. but don't fret my dear. just keep writing because it is what you love to do. let not some jerk make you feel that you're no good.
krissy ♥ said…
Thanks everyone! You are all awesome! ♥♥
Tara Cabullo said…
If there is one thing I'd like to share with you, as someone older, it would be "Don't worry about things you can't control."

That line has helped me a lot when I wasn't getting what I wanted and got even more negative vibes. I hope it does the same to you :)

Cheer up and smile! :)
krissy ♥ said…
Thank you Teeyah, I will keep that in mind :)
Bored & Crafty said…
Ignore, ignore, ignore. Can't let anyone hurt you without your permission. :)

And keep on writing. :)
krissy ♥ said…
Thank you Meream, that meant a lot :)

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