My Un-Murtaugh List

25 November 2009

Part of declaring independence from your parents surely bring a lot of perks like the freedom to stay up all night, pulling all-nighters surfing the Internet just for the heck of it, being able to shop all day and go home with your bags of goodies without thinking of how you can dodge questions and think of justifications for them, and going anywhere on a whim without worrying about any curfews. But like all other things, it has a downside to it as well. The first one is dragging your lazy backside and do your chores (unless you have a personal assistant, that is). My friends, I am now back in my apartment, having spent a good four hours attending to the big mountain that is my laundry.

After doing my chores, I crawled to my bed, Oishi’s Choco Plunge on hand, and relaxed by popping in a DVD of the first season of Drake and Josh in the player. I bought it months ago but never had the chance to watch it. If you are not familiar with it, it was produced by Nickoledeon for Nick Jr and featured Drake Bell and Jonathan Goldstein on the title roles.

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Drake is a cool guy whose Mom marries the father of Josh, who is the ultra-dork guy. Miranda Crosgrove (way before her iCarly fame) also stars as Drake’s sister. Basically she makes life hell for the two stepbrothers. I love this show! And Drake is super cute! Anyone here who knows this, or might have even watched an episode?

I have already seen some of the episodes on Nickoledeon already but the show still does not fail to make me guffaw. I think I first saw it when I was in college? And look at me now, I am already 19 23 but I still enjoy it. It brought me to a post of Andhari’s from waaaaaay back. She made this list of things she is already too old for. For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, this Murtaugh List was inspired by one of its episodes. I have yet to see a single episode but I’ve heard that it’s also good, I must get a DVD as well! Anyway, I commented to her post, asking if I can do my own list as well, and then I kinda forgot about it so I never got around to making mine. Thank you, Drake and Josh, for reminding me!

So, on with my list.

Murtaugh List (Things I Am Already Too Old For):

- I’m too old to believe in Santa Claus. Would you believe that I am already eleven years old when I accepted the fact that Santa Claus is really my Tita (my mom’s sister. Kinda like my aunt, only she’s not old so I am not comfortable calling her an aunt haha) Jean in disguise? I remember writing really good letters to Santa on Christmas Eve and putting them in my prettiest sock that I would then hang on the balcony (because we didn’t have a chimney). I remember wondering why Santa always leaves me money when I specifically asked for Barbie dolls!

- I’m too old to like Miley Cyrus. Really, I don't understand how tweens can like her. I mean, if I were a tween right now I know I still won’t like her. But yeah, live and let live right?



Okay you guys. I can’t do this. I have been concentrating on the blinking cursor for too long now, racking my brains, but off the top of my head I can’t think of anything else I am too old for.

So maybe it’s time for another list, yes?

My Un-Murtaugh List (Things I Will Never Be Too Old For):

- I will never be too old to believe in faeries. Didn’t you read and/ or watch Peter Pan? Didn’t you know that every time someone stops believing in faeries, a faerie (gasp!) dies? So repeat after me, “I do believe in faeries! I do! I do!” (I actually cried in that scene from the Jeremy Sumpter movie.)

- I will never be too old for Skittles. More than anything else, Skittles has been and will always be my happy pills. When I am sad, Skittles are my comfort food. They bring more cheer to me than a Sneakers bar with vanilla ice cream does. Whenever my Tita Jean arrives from abroad the only thing I ask for are boxes of Skittles, and she obliges me. I was depressed when they discontinued Skittles here when I was in college, and I was ecstatic when it was brought back to the market (but P10 more expensive).

Good to see that I still have a lot of stocks to tide me over.

- I will never be too old for my Grandma’s cooking. Whenever I go home to my parents’ house for my rest days my Grandma always prepares my favorite dishes. Lauya, chicken afritada, pork adobo, beef mechado, spaghetti, chicken soup, champorado (chocolate porridge), arroz caldo, sigh, my Grandma is the sweetest. My Mama is a good cook as well but she only has specialties, unlike my Grandma who cooks a wide array of good food. Likewise, I will never be too old to be taken care of by my Mom. Dole Pineapple Chunks. And Sunkist oranges. And seedless grapes. And Fuji apples. Yuuuum. These are all prepared by my Mom. She is aware of my being ehem, domestically challenged and knows I do not get all the nutrients my body needs whenever I am here in the apartment so she stuffs me full of fruits when I am at my parents’ house.

- I will never be too old to say my prayers at night before I sleep. I will also never be too old to make the sign of the cross every time I pass by a church, even when I am in a vehicle. This habit was taught to me by my father, and this is something that I wish to pass on to my future children.

- I will never be too old for dress-up and simulation games. Read previous post to see my point.

- I will never be too old for bedtime stories. Thank you, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling and Hans Christian Andersen. The worlds you created are the stuff my dreams are made of.

- I will never be too old for stuffed animals.

Kriket, my stuffed starfish given by Dane

Archuleta and Cook, stuffed octopus babies from Manila Ocean Park
Archuleta is mine, Cook is Dane's
Their names were inspired by David Cook's and Archuleta's concert here in Manila last May

I also have two big stuffed bears at home. A white bear with a red scarf is named Milkshake, the hot pink bear with the pink ribbon is named Strawberry.

- I will never be too old to need my friends in times of heartbreak. I love you my Sinister Sisters (who are Mean Girls but are really softies), my friends from KKK and JARN (who have been with me ever since I was eight years young), my bestfriend Jerome (who is the only person who can tell me stuff I need to know, even though it may hurt me), my Skittles Ed (who is my sunshine-in-a-box and who made me realize that the person who broke my heart should only be a part of my pink world and not be it), my Seventeen Sigaw sisters (who are the best online friends a girl could ever hope to meet), my friends from the workplace who are the best-people-a-girl-can-ever-wish-to-have-as-officemates-in-her-first job, special mention to Sasha, Asther, and Ruther (who have been honest when I needed them to be and who became my strength during that awful thing I experienced last year), Mich (who reminds me whenever we’re shopping that enough is enough and who has the most funny quips ever), Watcher (who stays true to himself and is one of the most genuine persons I know), Frank (who reads my blog, thank you!), Dane (who colored my world, made it dark and dreary, but looked back and colored it again, even better this time), Justin and Ian (who are probably the most intelligent and philosophical persons I know), and Mommy Terry (who is one of my truest friends and who, with her daughter Steph has one of the best Mother-Daughter relationship I have seen). Likewise I will never be too old to get guidance from people I have considered as my mentors: TL Arjay (who is always there to laud my fashion wins and rescue my pink heart from being de-pinked), TL Julius (who stayed with us, cool, calm and collected during Typhoon Ondoy. I consider him my big brother, literally and figuratively!), TL Jimmy (who has been my supervisor for more than a year now and who is serious when you need him to be), and Ms Mariel (whose posts have always inspired me and whose emails I will always treasure).

- I will never be too old to be inspired by your posts, my blogger friends. Everyone I have met in this big, big world of blogging has been a burst of color, inspiration and happy moments to me. I have said this before and I am saying it again, from the bottom of my pink, glittering heart, I thank you.

- I will never be too old for the 90s. I love the era I was born in! I am from the MTV generation and proud of it. I know a LOT of songs and artists mainly because I used to buy a lot of song magazines and read them from cover to cover! I love boybands, no matter how cheesy their songs and videos were (want to challenge me to a sing-off? Lol), I love the Spice Girls, I love Tagalized animes like Ghost Fighter (Yuyu Hakusho), Little Women II (Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott), Princess Sarah (A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett), and The Von Trapp Family Singers (Sound of Music), and I will always love Britney Spears.  Check this site for more cool stuff from the 90s and take a trip down memory lane!

- I will never be too old to be affected by movies and books. I know it is perfectly acceptable to cry at The Notebook and Sex and the City, but crying while watching Pink Panther is just plain silly! XD

- I will never be too old for Barbie dolls. My Barbies - all 26 of them including my Barbie diner, loads of clothes and accessories, and a Wedding Barbie I haven’t opened yet – perished in a big fire that ravaged our neighborhood on January 1, 2001. When in Watson’s in Singapore on 2004 and all my teammates for the Discovery Travel and Adventure day for the Sunburst Youth Camp were all buying toiletries, I bought a Barbie doll. She is now displayed in my room in my parents’ house, still unopened.

- I will never be too old to believe in the power and beauty of love. And candy-flavored kisses. Because I’m cheesy like that.

- I will never be too old for lists. So I am going to update this post from time to time. Feel free to make your Murtaugh or Un-Murtaugh Lists as well!

Cheers to candies, chicken soup and a childhood that never ends!

*This is my 25th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. Hi Krissy! Glad to have found another Filipino blog. I've been always on the look-out for blogs from our own country which is of international standard.

    Love your Un-Murtaugh list. And I had fun reading it. I'll go through your 30-day blog challenge posts now.

  2. hey! seriously, I really like this post, you should keep on posting everyday, even after the challenge!

    I've never believed in santa, or the easter bunny or what so ever... strange right?

    skittles, wow.. I haven't had those for a while, now I'm so going to get me some tomorrow!


  3. This HIMYM episode was super hilarious. NPH in fitted neon outfit + fishnet + dyed hair = BEST TV MOMENT OF THE CENTURY.


  4. Krissy! Ana Mich hir..hehehe..i have to mention my name dis time so u won't be confuse.

    I love love love love your blogs...Ü

    I'm inspired to do the same list hehehe..

    Whew! Let's go shopping! hahahaha!

    Love you 'tel! :D

  5. smarties are my happy pills ^^
    i love this, just because i kind of refuse to grow up haha

  6. Babe i love your unmurtaugh list. I do agree I wont be too old for the nineties too. AMAZING!:) times were simpler, happier, and brighter. The last part is LITERALLY. :P

  7. @ Leah: Thank you so much, I am honored :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you, that means a lot to me! Don't worry, I don't think not believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny is strange :D

    @ Meream: I really have to start watching this show! :D

    @ Mich: Aww thank you girl! Love yah!

    @ Manju: Me too! In my heart I will be forever 19 :D

    @ Andhari: I'm with you on that one! Kids today don't know how to play our local games we used to play, they're all about computer games now x_x


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