To perm or not to perm?

23 November 2009

Krissy's note: I actually wrote this last night but when I checked this morning, it's still in my Drafts! I don't know why it wasn't published x_x

First of all I would like to thank everyone who commented in my previous post, as well as my friends who don't have blogs but posted their replies in my Facebook wall. I feel so loved. PMS coupled with hearing some negative words are enough to make me crawl in my bed and bawl, but I was cheered by your sweet and kind words. You guys are the best! I am sitting in front of my computer blowing pink, glittering kisses your way! From now on I promise to just focus on the positive side of blogging and take everything in stride, just like what I normally do when it comes to other aspects of my life. And PMS, go away! Enough with the negativity and let's continue with spreading the love, shall we? ♥♥

I woke up extra early today with one mission in mind: curl my hair! I was inspired by Kay's post about her Tokyo POSH'ed hair. Knowing that updating one's hairstyle is a surefire way of uplifting one's mood, I took out Allette, my trusted Vidal Sassoon curling iron (even my curling iron has a name x_x) and put it to use!

Freshly curled hair :)
I applied a little makeup as well, everything from Ellana Minerals :)

My Vidal Sassoon curling iron
I got it last February, and on sale too! From the original price of P1,559.75, I got it for P1,248! And I also got a free hairbrush and alarm clock! :D

And I wore my Betty shirt from Kamiseta for the first time! I bought this online (brand new) from Gladys but totally forgot I have it. Good thing I organized my closet at the apartment the other week!

photo taken when were already about to go home from work

A little backstory: Betty Cooper is actually one of my favorite blondes, third only to Barbie and Elle Woods. I was really shocked when news came out in May that Archie proposed to Veronica! Thankfully, this was only a dream sequence prepared by the writers of Archie comics. Now, the storyline has switched to Archie marrying Betty instead!

Going back to my curls... I am actually thinking of getting a perm, but I haven't really decided yet. I have had long straight hair for years now and I am getting a bit bored. I had my hair cut like Victoria Beckham's two years ago, as seen here:

photo taken during HSBC's Holiday Party on January 2008

but I don't want to have my hair cut this short again as it takes too long for it to grow back! Besides, long hair is more versatile as more styles can be done with it.

So, should I get a perm? Or just stick to curling my hair when I am in the mood? Using a curling iron might be damaging to the hair if it is done regularly though, plus there is a risk to burn yourself when you accidentally touch the hot rod. (I actuallly burned my right index finger this morning x_x)

More photos (because I was in the mood to ham it up for the camera):

(1st photo was in Dane's car on our way home, 2nd photo was in the apartment this morning, 3rd to 5th photos are in my room in my parents' house)

So, to perm or not to perm? :D

*This is my 23rd post for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. hey darling,

    i cannot recommend a perm. it's bad for your hair being a chemical bomb basically you will get tired of the curly hair cuz it takes forever to dry. so u could get ill quicker with your hair being wet/damp when you go out too.

    i have naturally curly hair and i love the curls, but i still choose to blowdry + straighten my hair and then put the curls back in cuz thats still quicker.

    dont forget that if you get tired of the curls you will not be able to straighten your hair cuz that'll cause even more damage to your hair, so you will have to wait until it's grown out or cut it.

  2. you look great with straight hair but i also love your hair curly, hehe as girls we never end up deciding on what to do with ourselves do we? haha. looks great krissy and im glad your feeling much better.

  3. Love your betty shirt! heehee :D For you hair, it looks good either way to me. You look very feminine and all romantic with the curls. But the short, straight hair looks modern and fresh and looks good as well. glad you're feeling better :)

  4. I think you look great with curls! But I guess it really depends on what you want to do with your hair. :)

  5. I say keep your straight hair. With straight hair you can always curl it for special events or you can always flat iron it to get it really straight. Curly hair is hard to manage so I've been told.

  6. Ooh I am still over the fence on this, I haven't made a decision yet! I think I would really love to sport curls (only at the ends) but I am a bit scared of the "permanence" of a perm. I know I can curl it anytime, but I think I will get lazy! Maybe I'll get a perm, and then if I don't like it I can just cut it? Argh I really can't decide!

  7. Your curled hair actually looks a lot like my natural hair. And I'm actually using the VS straightener now! haha...

  8. u look so pretty in that 3rd pic! :)

    and that victoria cut is hot! wish i cud sport a cut like that!

    im always playing with my hair.. one year ill rebond it, the next ill have it permed, i can nver seem to make up my mind!

    now that i think about it, might be better to have straight hair and just curl it whenever u feel like it. when u have ur hair permed, u cant really iron it anymore, masisira lng ung hair mo

  9. my hair straightener has a name too ;) hahaha
    i think the victoria beckham hairstyle is so hot, you totally pull it off!

  10. don't perm! seriously, I did it in high school, and lost a lot of hair because of it! you can always curl your hair yourself right?


  11. Thank you Mia, Manju and Toothfairy for your comments! Sigh. I keep thinking that I do love the curls on me, but I know that I will be too lazy to curl my hair every time XD

  12. You look gorgeous with your straight hair and still adorable with permed hair. But the torture your hair have to go through every time you curl it is not worth it. It's ok to curl once in a while for a hot date or something.

  13. Haha I guess you already know my answer to this. But unlike me, you have beautiful straight hair. Mine,when un-permed,is just a mess of frizz. Perming gives my hair recognizable curls and I love them. :D

    But if I had great straight hair like you do, I'd keep it.

  14. @ Leah and Meream: Thank you :) I was told by my friends here in the office that I should just keep my hair as it is, and use the curling iron when I want to :)


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