Friendship, Sinister Sister-style.

10 November 2009

I am nearing the end of my "forced" vacation from work so I am really milking it for all it's worth. Ehem, why "forced" vacation? Well, it's because I may have used up all 22 of my allotted 25 leave credits for the year, but I have yet to take my core leave (that's 5 days consecutive days). In short, 2 of these "forced" vacation days are unpaid. (Sucks to be me, right? LOL) You may wonder why I did not allot enough credits for this core leave, but can you blame my friends for inviting me to the coolest things ever that I need to get off work just to be able to attend? :D I miss being a student, if only for the two months' worth of summer vacation and about three weeks of sembreak. Anyway, I started this vacation last Friday, so I return to work this coming Friday. I appreciate the much-needed break from work, but I miss my apartment (since I am holed up here in my parents' house) and my officemates already. And okay I'll admit it, yes, I (kinda) miss going to work as well.

Since I left my new books and DVDs at the apartment, I was left with nothing else to do here save for using the Internet to update my blog, catch up on blogs I am following, follow new blogs, shop online, look up Survivor episodes, play Cafe World, Pet Society and Restaurant City, and look for other interesting things. Good thing I bought a Sex and the City The Movie 2-Disc DVD last Friday (at Astrovision in TriNoma for only 299Php!) so I had something to watch the other day aside from Survivor.

I was still very young when the TV series was aired so I was not able to watch it. I was able to catch some reruns in ETC a few months back though but since I did not really follow it from the beginning I stopped watching. That is the reason why I did not even try to watch the movie on the big screen when it was released. I really wanted to watch it though, it being a part of pop culture and all, so I bought DVDs of the whole series and watched them all in a span of a two months (I did get breaks in between to watch other DVDs). I am thankful I saw it in my current age since I was already able to appreciate it. After watching the whole season I even bought Candace Bushnell's book (but I think the TV series is better, though) and rented the movie from Video City, and I loved it! I thought for a chic flick, it was finely-written and chockful of witty dialogues. And of course, who can forget the fashion? The girls sashayed to my pink, glittering heart's content.

You may not like them, but you cannot argue that these girls got style!

The show tackled a host of different things like sexuality, sex, work, men and their hang-ups, women and their hang-ups, fashion, shoes, lots of shoes, and that oh-so-often-discussed-but-never-understood-completely that is LOVE. But more than anything else, the series (and the movie) is all about friendship. Whatever happened to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samatha, they were always sure that they all have each others' backs. Now Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon might want to scratch off each others' eyes if we are to believe the rumors, but let's suspend disbelief for a while and just think of their fictional counterparts first, shall we? Good. :)

I too am grateful to have the kind of friendship they have. I can hear you thinking, "so all that Sex and the City-stuff is just an introduction??" Of course, miladies! The point of this post, is this:

Sinister Sisters

Oops! Wrong photo!

Sinister Sisters
Jinna, Recks, Minnie and Krissy

I thought it would be fun to show you a photo of us during our pictorial for the (creative shot)  graduation photos!

We met in college as Mass Communication students from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila). Bound by common interests, we hit it off immediately. Several other people have gone in and out our group, but the four of us stuck together. See, we even have a name! We are like the four Plastics in the movie Mean Girls, but we are sweet and nice, not stuck up at all like Regina George and company :D

We went through a LOT together: sleepless nights for school projects (I was always the first one to doze off though so when I wake up the next morning I would already be covered in writings from pen markers and eyeliners), loads of group reports, breakups and boyfriends (for Recks and myself, anyway), cracker diets (because we needed to save money), movie and shopping trips in our 5 hours-long vacant periods, PMS, a thesis (Advertising campaign for Go Nuts Donuts), a lot of adventures, mishaps, laughter, and a single fight (between Recks and me that lasted an hour only anyway because we signed this contract that we won't fight while doing our thesis since it is just a waste of time that would otherwise have been productive. We can fight for one hour though, if we must.)

Recks and me
Photo taken in SM North EDSA - The Block on May 2, 2009

Jinna, me, and Minnie
Photo taken in Sbarro, SM Megamall on December 27, 2008 (that seems like ages ago!)

Lately we have all been too busy with work (Recks is a law student, Jinna works for the Philippine Stock Exchange and Minnie works for ABS-CBN) and a lot of other stuff so we never saw each other except for a couple of occasions. It is sad, but the last time the four of us was complete was more than two years ago, when we went to our university to return the dress robes we used for graduation. Since then I saw Recks more than a few times (since she is nearer) but only twice for Minnie. I saw Jinna a lot before since she also worked for HSBC for a while but when she resigned I only saw her once after.

They are friends worth keeping, and even though we only keep in touch by SMS, YM, Facebook and Multiply, I know I always got their backs, and they got mine, too. I am looking forward to more years of friendship with them. Recks will be my Flower Girl when I get married (as she's never been one.)

Friendship is really such a beautiful thing. I am thankful for my girls (and am willing to treat them to a round - or two - of icecream when I see them.) Jinna and I have plans to see 2012 this Sunday at TriNoma and we really hope Minnie and Recks can come, too.

Have you hugged a friend today? :)

*This is my 10th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


  1. awww i wanna be forced to go on vacation. hahah! ;P

    you girls are beautiful! friends are the best aren't they? i'm always reminded that its not the quantity of friends but the quality :)

  2. Krisssyyy shoot I'm so behind on your posts! And you're doing the 30-day blog challenge?! I'd like to do it to, it's just that I don't think I could do it straight for 30 days. My life is not that interesting yet! Haha.

    I can't help but be like "awwww" whenever I read posts about friendship. I myself love my friends. I wouldn't trade them for anything else in this world. You and your friends remind me of mine. Long time friends are the best!

  3. I like your picture wearing that red boa / scarf, girlie girl. How pretty :). And what you write about friendship is beautiful, which one is samantha jones in the group?


    I heart SATC too. I think I'm a mixed between Carrie and Samantha, a little bit of Charlotte at times.

    Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your remaining vacation, loves.:)

  4. awww lovely pictures of you and your "sisters" hahahaha... i call my best friend my sister too :] isn't that awesome??!

    anyway, i love sex and the city! i mean... WHO DOESN'T?! the movie was good too! ^_^

  5. @ Kym: Aww thank you! I have many friends, but these girls are definitely the best :)

    @ Jessica: Try to do the 30-Day Blog Challenge! It was easy the first few days, but it gets progressively harder as the days pass by :D And yes, I wouldn't trade them for anything as well :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you! :) Funny that you ask, I was supposed to include this in my post last night but forgot to :D In our group, I think Minnie will be Samantha, not that she's promiscuous but because she has this kind of Samantha-feistiness in her. Recks will be Miranda, since she is studying to be a lawyer. Jinna will be Charlotte, since she believes that her first boyfriend will be the man she marries. And I will be Carrie, because I also want to be a writer like her and I am in a "relationship" with someone who can definitely give Mr. Big a run for his money :D

    @ Abby Kihano: Yes, who doesn't? It's the best testament to sisterhood and friendship! :)


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