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Too hot to handle! Somebody says hi, and I die.

Remember the 7th item in my list yesterday where I said I have something too hot to share it deserves its own blog post? Well here it is ladies! Feast your eyes in the immaculate hotness that is Gerald Anderson! ♥♥

Hi there Gerald!

See that board he's holding there? Yep! I am the Krissy he is saying hi to! I received this via email from my friend Minnie yesterday, and I cannot remove the stupid grin on my face since :D

I have said that I am not a big fan of watching TV and I don't really follow local shows. I also don't have any local celebrity crushes except for Chito Miranda (vocalist of local band Parokya ni Edgar)  and Cogie Domingo. But ever since I saw this from Cosmopolitan Philippines' site I fell in looove!

Incidentally, my very good friend and Sinister Sister Minnie who works as a Production Assistant for ABS-CBN has worked with him on his previous shows like My Girl. I asked her for this favor and she obliged! Good thing I sent her an SMS when I did because it was already their show Tiagong Akyat's last taping day that day! Talk about destiny :)

This photo is now my phone Alister's and my netbook Lady Fabrize's wallpaper. :)

Some other photos of him via Google Image Search:

He is Cosmo Bachelor 2009

Here's a photo of him where he's not topless :D
For Bench's ad campaign

Sigh sigh sigh. Isn't he beautiful? Thanks so much Minnie! I have the greatest friends ever! ;)

*This is my 7th of 30 posts for the 30-Day Blog Challenge.


Nina said…
That is so cute! Haha, lucky you!
donnarence said…
HOT!! he's such a cutie!! lucky lucky girl
Duni said…
What a hottie! Lucky you :)
Maui (Suushh) said…
hahah aww :) yeah I had a short lived crush on him too and jericho after seeing their heroic efforts lol
Toothfairy said…
it's pretty cool that he did that! he looks fine to me, not totally my type, but he sure looks fine!

annie marie. said…
you are sooo damn lucky krissy haha if ever rafael rosell did that for me i would ultimately faint. and not get up hahahaha. well im happy that he did that and even gave that adorable smile of his. yayyy.

i like gerald as well though i dont always follow his shows, but he is also a really nice guy.
abby said…
Gerald is really one hot guy! :)
krissy ♥ said…
Thanks for the comments, ladies! I have a feeling that this will be my go-to post whenever I'm feeling a bit down :D
oOchaOo said…
this is a hot post krissy LOL

awwwww i wish i'll get a "Hi Cha" from gerald, jake, or coco martin too hahaha.
Reagan D said…
lagot ka kay kim chiu.
krissy ♥ said…
Can we blame him for being hot? LOL!

PS: I might get something like this from Enchong Dee, too! :D
Bored & Crafty said…
HAHA hilarious! And of course, he had to "say hi" shirtless. :D
Miss Guimba said…
Lol! I remember when I had a crush on Sam Milby four years ago. Now, I wonder what'd gotten over me, he doesn't look hot at all now. But Gerald, I like him. I get a good vibe on him and he's more than just a pretty face. Incidentally, Krissy, Chito Miranda was my seatmate in my Humanities class in college! Our teacher was quite old and had to seat us alphabetically so she can remember. His surname was M, mine's N. We used to argue over poetry. Vince, the other Parokya vocalist was my Math 1 classmate, too. I had a soft spot over Parokya ni Edgar ever since.
krissy ♥ said…
@ Miss Guimba: Ohmygod really??! I got so excited haha! Chito Miranda is my biggest local celebrity crush!! As in! :D We have a photo together in my Multiply haha, and they visited HSBC for our Family Day last year :D I love that they're so big, but they remain down-to-earth. Sigh I love them, especially Chito :)

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