Mario Oh Mario!

24 September 2011

Is there even anyone here who hasn't seen the Thai movie First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)? Is there even anyone here who hasn't been charmed by Nam and P'Shone's love story? And of course, is there even anyone here whose heart didn't swoon for the ultra good-looking Mario Maurer?

Even I myself was swept away by this craze ♥ I could just stare at him all day ♥

And because I am in a good mood today, I want to share with you some GREAT NEWS! Mario oh my Mario will visit me the Philippines this October! We have the leading Philippine fashion brand PENSHOPPE to thank for that as they were able to score a great hit by inviting Mario as its newest endorser! Note that this is fresh from the successful international campaign led earlier this year by British Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick. This is in line with their campaign to cross the international threshold and to cater to its younger market. His visit here will involve a photoshoot with renowned Hollywood photographer Darren Tieste flying in from Los Angeles, with the photos expected to grace magazine covers and billboards across the country.

NOW FOR THE GOOD PART. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and greet Mario Maurer as PENSHOPPE is set to host a Fan Conference for the Thai heartthrob. The gathering will be held on 28 October 2011 (Friday) 1PM at the PICC Plenary Hall in Manila. Gates will open at 11AM! The FanCon will be hosted by fellow Thai presenter VJ Utt with special live performance by pop Asian girl group Blush co-presented by official media partner ABS-CBN.

To avail entry, one must complete a stamp card promo available at all PENSHOPPE boutiques nationwide. Every P500.00 entitles the bearer to one (1) stamp. Completion of ten (10) stamps entitles access to the event and the bearer must submit the original completed stamp card at any PENSHOPPE outlet in exchange of the final entry pass. You can also visit PENSHOPPE's Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter.

This might be a great time to work on getting good grades so the 'rents can be extra generous with your shopping money ;) Or, if you are a working yuppie like me, well, let's just say I am excited for this coming month-end payday ;)

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