Krissy's Christmas 2011 Wish List

01 December 2011

Alternatively titled: Krissy's To Buy List

It took a blink and a sigh, and before I knew it it's the first day of December! Here is a list of things that will make me a very happy girl come Christmas as a helpful reference to family and friends who might want to give me something in this season of giving. Heehee. In no particular order:

  • Kindle Touch. I used to want a Kindle Fire, but after weighing the pros and cons, I think a Kindle Touch and its e-ink technology would suit me better, since all I wanted in the first place was to have a nifty gadget that would make reading much easier for me. I was supposed to buy one a couple of weeks ago but decided to just have my netbook fixed. I now wish I didn't.
  • A new camera. I have had my camera for less than six months but it is already showing major signs of tear and wear. The lens has gone wonky and pictures are not as clear and crisp as I would want them to be. I don't want a dSLR as it's too bulky for me and my lifestyle so a great-quality point-and-shoot will do, like the Canon S95.
  • Planner. I am eyeing the Paulo Coelho Moments 2012 Day Planner that contains really pretty artworks and select quotes from books written by Coelho :) - Thank you Michelle for getting me a Moonleaf Tea Shop planner! :)
  • New glasses. I wish this is not here, but this is more of a necessity for me. Blame my genes. It's time to get new glasses for poor eyesighted me. I'm leaning towards getting a sexy tortoise-shell pair. - I got the Ray-Ban tortoise-shell pair I wanted from the PRIVADO sale!
  • Contact lens. I think it's really time for me to get one as I've been attending quite a lot of events recently and eyeglasses and a pretty cocktail dress don't really match. I just have to get over my fear of putting foreign objects in my eyes, plus the not-to-easy-to-swallow price. I have high astigmatism so they'd have to be especially made. And once I get them, I know I have to be extra careful - God forbid I lose contact lens worth P4,000. Ulp. - DONE! I finally took a leap of faith and got contact lens last December 16 ;D
  • Concert tickets! I've been to lots of great concerts this year, and really, the feeling of seeing and hearing insanely-talented artists perform in the flesh - priceless! One concert I'm really looking forward to for next year is Hanson! - Tickets for the January 2, 2012 2PM show of Disney on Ice for me, my sister and my cousin! Yayyy! :D
  • MAC Girl About Town. One swipe of this ultra-pretty pink lipstick and I instantly feel fabulous! I suffered great trauma when I was mugged last May, and you can just imagine how devastating it was to have lost my possessions - even more so when it's hard to get a replacement. My heart was broken when my favorite lipstick was taken as it's not available here in Manila. I wish my Tita Jean can read this now ;) - My Tita Jean read this list and promised to buy me a tube, yay!
  • Awesome and legendary friends. I put a photo of the How I Met Your Mother gang up there because I just love their group's dynamics. I just wish the friendships I have now can be as strong as what they have ♥
I know I'd end up buying these things for me though, especially the gadgets, hence the alternate title :D

What are the items in your wish list?

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