Elle Woods would love this.

05 November 2012

"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought."

I've been meaning to get earphones for myself for quite a while now so I'm really glad Accutone came to the rescue with the Aquarius In-Ear Headset! I use my mustard UrbanEars Plattan at home and in the office but I am not really comfortable using it while commuting because it's too... conspicuous, and I couldn't bear the one and a half hour commute without at least some great music to keep me company #meandmyproblems (see quote above).

Accutone says the Aquarius In-Ear headset is designed for people who love to be different, for people who want to stand-out from the crowd.

Each Accutone Aquarius In-Ear Headset comes housed in a transparent high-quality plastic case with the label matching the color of the earphones inside. The back label says it is designed for iPhones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry phones, Blackberry Playbooks, Android gadgets, most MP3 players, CD players, PCs and Macs, although I only use it with my Netphone and Samsung Netbook.

The set comes complete with a cable winder, a Nokia phone adaptor, and two extra pairs of silicon earbuds (Small and Large) which are helpful for those who find the default sized ones uncomfortable. I have not replaced the earbuds in mine because they are already a perfect fit for me. Kudos also to Accutone for considering those who use Nokia phones and find looking for compatible headsets a bit challenging!

I was really pleased when I saw the cable winder inside. I know other stores sell these plastic things for really affordable prices, but if it already comes with your headset of choice then you already saved yourself the trouble of looking for one. You may think it's just a little thingamajig, but I actually find it useful in making sure the cable of my headset is not too long or all tangled up.

The Aquarius In-Ear headset also has a rotary volume control that's so convenient to use: simply hold the side that has the Accutone logo and rotate the other side up to crank the sound up a notch or down if the sound's too loud.

Did you know that this chip is actually a microphone? With this I can easily switch between listening to music and answering a phone call or vice versa!

The number one reason why I was attracted to this particular headset? Practical reasons aside and considering it on a superficial level, I love the curves and high-gloss jelly finishing of this particular model. Also, the color of course! I really, really love its candy pink color ♥ Other colors include white, orange, light blue, green, and purple.

See? It even matches one of my favorite bags!
This is my kind of camouflage.
How's the sound quality, you ask? I can't really go all technical about it but I'm going to explain it the best way I can --- sound trippin' with this headset on is like being transported to a special place where there's no traffic and no strife, only me and the music. These days I've been listening a lot to new albums #3 by The Script and Red (the prologue of which is one of the most well-written album prologues I've read) by Taylor Swift. Read a review of Red here

To be honest, my Accutone Aquarius is the most comfortable headset I've ever owned (and I've bought and used quite a lot, including those that come in mobile phone sets). Methinks it's perfect for long roadtrips (as long as you're not the designated driver because duh, how can you hear horns from other vehicles if you're wearing a headset on?), for shutting yourself out from the world and you just want to ignore everyone, and for providing accompanying music while working out at the gym. Now you know why I chose this as the perfect gift for Elle Woods if she is plucked from the fictional world and becomes my friend in real life! ;)

If I have one gripe about this set, it's that I wish it came with a pouch (preferably in matching color because I'm matchy-matchy like that) so I'm confident that it's safe and secure inside my bag when not being used. Right now I use the Owl purse that Kira gave me to protect it from dirt and what-nots.

Accutone Aquarius In-Ear headsets cost P1,800 and you may get yours by going to this link. They're also available in Rustan's Department Stores and Astrovision branches. For more details about other Accutone models, please like Accutone Audio's official Facebook page. :)

The Accutone Aquarius In-Ear headset was given to me by AVA for free but this review was written as honestly as I could and was not influenced by anything.


  1. so cute! love the pink earphones!:)

  2. Thought you would love this too, Ava! Pink-lovers unite! :D

  3. Hi Meream! Hmmm I won't be able to judge which is better between the two because I haven't tried Philips earphones yet, but my officemate said their (Philips) earphones that cost P2,000++) are really good. And you know that if we are to consider based primarily on how it looks, I'd say go for the Accutones :D


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