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10 October 2011

Here is a review of the SMART Netphone exactly a month after I won it from the raffle at the 9.10.11 Grand Launch :)

I apologize that it took so long for me to post this review, but if you've been a long-time reader of my blog you would've noticed already that I take these reviews seriously; I really take the time to get to know each item to be reviewed (whether it be a gadget or a beauty product) thoroughly. I don't want to form half-hearted opinions, you see. Now, here we go, let's see how the Netphone fares.


The SMART Netphone is an Android Froyo touch-screen phone that resembles other standard touch-phones running on the Android platform - sleek and not shabby at all. (Check out my Samsung Galaxy Ace as reference.) I may be biased here, but I like that it runs on Android OS as everything is smoother, faster and sleeker - plus of course, the Android Market offers thousands of free apps for every purpose, ensuring you'll never have a dull moment in your life.

Size comparison with my HTC ChaCha
Look Ma, no scratches!
I have been fairly careful with this phone and it's good that it doesn't have any "signs of usage" yet even though I haven't bought a screen protector or jelly case for it yet.

My app drawer looks pretty this way because I'm using the GO Launcher Ex :)
The Netphone has 512mb memory and external memory expandable up to 16gb. Even with all those apps already installed I've experienced very rare lagging times, and it's only when I am playing "hardcore" games like Angry Birds. As for games like Jewel Deluxe or Connect 'Em, I didn't encounter any lag problems.


The SMART dashboard displays your registered name, most recent status update, and shortcuts to the SMART Inbox, SMS messages, Chat inbox, and Social tab.
If you click the arrow pointing to the right, it will reflect your updated load credits.
After inserting your SMART SIM for the first time, it will ask you to register. After registering with your name and password, you can sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts already so you can check your feeds and timeline. It's that simple!

You can also personalize your Netphone wall by adding a photo and filling out your Info section.
Here comes the fun part. SMART promises connectivity to your Facebook and Twitter feeds without the need to subscribe to any data plan - as long as you have at least P1.00 credit. I'm online all day, every day, without burning through my credits! My phone bill actually reached P3,000 a couple of months ago as I used it to go online when my netbook got busted, so the Netphone is godsend for me since it enables me to check my emails and maintain an active social life without the need to be stressed over bills.

Aaand not only that, you can also enjoy a specialized Chat messaging service with your friends on the Netphone, even without knowing their numbers! You just have to search for their names from the Global Directory, add them, wait for them to approve, and chat away! Simply amazing, huh?

This page from the Chat tab enables you to go online on your Netphone, Facebook Chat, and YM.
Your Netphone wall under Profile displays your updates and comments to them.
If you want to "Share" anything, all you have to do is type it, then choose whether you want to post it on Facebook, Twitter, or both.
On your Feed at the Social tab, you have the option to view your Facebook feeds, Twitter timeline, or both. 
And I don't know if it's relevant to anybody else, but I love that we have the option to choose between three types of keyboards LOL.
The package contains the unit and battery, USB charger, 2gb microSD card, manuals, headset, and a SMART SIM card. For more features and specifications, visit this link. This specific model is available on the market for only P9,900. That's very affordable for an Android phone, guys!

But as with any Android phone, my only slight problem with this is the battery. I need to charge it once a day - but I guess that's a small price to pay for a multi-tasking, multi-media phone. Also, I wish they add the options to check Twitter mentions, Direct Messages, and Facebook personal messages on the Social tab. If that is granted I think I will spontaneously combust over what a truly superphone the Netphone is ;D

PS: Do you know SMART is coming up with more phone models powered by Netphone connectivity? Samsung Galaxy Y is already open for pre-order, and it will be sold for only P5,990! What an amazing price for an Android Gingerbread, yes? I also heard there'll be an HTC model, too. Are you as excited as me for these new models? I wonder if they'll raffle some units anytime soon? ;)

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