Kickin' back with Bauhaus and Kickers

11 November 2012

When shopping, I always gravitate towards girly pieces but if there is a clothing style that I would really like to try, it is street fashion. There's nothing wrong with sticking to one style, but I remember the one time I dressed differently and it was received warmly. I would like to explore other fashion choices out there because life is short and we don't really know if the Mayans are right and the world will end next month hah.

So why street style? For one, I don't think I have the bohemian vibe and secondly I have too much sunshine in me that I won't be able to pull off a goth look. Also, I've always been amazed by people who look like they didn't put in much effort at all yet their outfits look so well together. Fun, relaxed and chic, that's the goal.

Last Thursday I went to the Art + Sole event celebrating the collaboration between Bauhaus and Kickers. I don't know about you, but for me nothing spells street fashion quite as well as these two brands. Now that they've partnered up, I think we can expect a lot of great things  youthful, trendy things  starting with their Fall/ Winter 2012 collection. Because like chocolate and caramel, some things are just meant for each other.

Since its founding in 1991, Bauhaus has been offering sought-after apparel from its stable of excitingly fresh brands, such as 80/20, Salad, Tough, and Cheap Monday. Always on-style without being a slave to trends, Bauhaus’ multiple clothing lines feature urban clothing and streetwear for stylistas with a strong sense of fun. Modern, relaxed silhouettes are jazzed up by funky prints and a rich palette of colors to create collections that are vibrant and dynamic. 
This design philosophy makes Kickers a perfect match for Bauhaus’ apparel. As a product of the cultural revolutions of the 1970s and 80s, Kickers has always been about exploring the freewheeling spirit of youth through fashion. The brand encourages its customers to never grow old, adding playful touches like brightly-colored laces to sturdy leather moccasins to put the “fun” in “functional”. Paired with the many excellent items from Bauhaus, Kickers’ energetic footwear marches to the beat of the next generation.
Would you like to see the items from Kickers' new collection? Of course you do.

For Men

For Women

Don't they look delectable? Long gone are the boring old Kickers we've identified with school shoes from long ago! Although I remember myself feeling envious of my friend Carmela's gray Kickers that looked like Mary Janes :D

Also available at Bauhaus are pieces from Salad. This is my kind of salad, and when you look at the photos you will see why.

These pieces are the right mix of girly and street. I LOVE!
And this hot pink leather jacket? MY GOODNESS. A thousand YESes for this, but it costs P22,000 :/
There are so many others that I liked from the collection that I feel so inspired to incorporate more street pieces to my wardrobe! To see the rest, please visit the Facebook pages of Bauhaus and Kickers Philippines.

I walked away with these:
A pair of stone-wash denims from Cheap Monday
my own Kyla boots from Kickers
This is the first time I owned a pair of boots like this, y'all, I'm still feeling sooo giddy until now :D
and an orange phone case from Salad ♥
I'm so excited to wear my new boots to an out-of-town event next weekend!

Special thanks to Bauhaus, Kickers, and ARC PR. Kickers shoes are now available at all Bauhaus outlets. Bauhaus has branches in Trinoma, Shangri-La, Alabang Town Center, and Abreeza.


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