So it's half-past two and I couldn't sleep

25 November 2012

Might as well tap into my stream of consciousness and type away. As I have found out from several instances before, inspiration strikes best during unguarded moments.

Today was a long day. Our supposed family day-out got moved to next week so it gave me a few hours to myself before I attend a get-together with my oldest and closest friends from highschool for Dianne's birthday, which I used to go to TriNoma for my overdue haircut and to attend Oxygen's Pop of Colors Party. I also got to go around SM North EDSA for a bit to use some of my gift cards. After the shopping party at Oxygen, we also went around ForMe for a bit, where I got a lot of basics. I love it. I'm going to show you the clothes I got when I get a camera, but I just want to say that I'm really happy that I now have one of Oxygen's famous reversible jeans. And it's RED. Perfect for Christmas, yes? :)

There were a lot of food at Dianne's house for her birthday but unfortunately there was a problem with electricity so we had to move somewhere else. Since my grandmother's house next door has been unoccupied ever since they went to live in Malinta I volunteered the place. Long story short, we ended up there, where we had a lot of fun planning our Christmas party while they're drunk. They also had a ball trying on most of my stuff since we've started using that other house as an extended storage space for my things. Since I rarely use most of them anyway I just gave them away. Let's just say that my friends went home happier and with heavier bags hehe.

It's 2:41 AM right now. The whole house is quiet and everyone's asleep. 

It's 2:43. And it's during quiet moments like this when I realize how far I've come from the girl I used to be before, at the same time acknowledging that I still have a long, long way to go. To where? I don't know.

I am being perfectly honest and not being a hypocrite at all when I say I don't have dreams of acquiring lots and lots of money. I mean, sure, having lots of money will bring me comfort and security, but a life of luxury just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe it's because of the short stories I've grown up with, which sort of vilifies money and having too much of it brings. All I want and need is to have enough to spend for my necessities (and maybe a treat or two every once in a while) and I'm good with it. In the same way that I've never done anything with money as the motivating factor, never have I envisioned myself swimming in sh*tload amounts of money either --- it's just not me, and that is why I can't understand some people driven irrationally by greed. I guess I'll forever be a starving ~writer haha.

It's during quiet moments like this when doubt sets in. I better shut them down before they overpower my subconscious.

Forgive me for rambling. I might be half-asleep now without me knowing it. After all, it's 2:55 AM.

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  1. Hmmmm. You know what? I believe you. It's not hypocritical at all. I feel the same actually (although I can be a hypocrite at times --- but definitely not when it comes to money and my lack of enthusiasm to acquire riches). It really isn't everything. It can't guarantee you happiness, anyway. 


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