The personalized touch of pen and paper

07 November 2012

These days, communicating with someone even from another part of the world has been made much faster and cheaper through email, Facebook messages or wall posts, and tweets. I cannot deny how helpful technology has been in this aspect (my job is about communicating our clients' message across different platforms of social media, after all) but I have to admit that personally, even the sweetest email can never replace a handwritten letter. A handwritten note just feels more personal and thoughtful mainly because the person set aside the time and effort to do it, don't you think?

In my posts from years before I have shared with you how much I appreciate handwritten notes and letters and how I love surprising friends and loved ones with them even though my penmanship is not that good. I even showed you my mini collection of journals and notebooks, and if we didn't lose our old house to a big fire before, I bet I would still have my boxes of stationery collection until now. It's good to see that even with the plethora of Communication apps in this age of smartphones, there are still a lot of people who advocate giving that unique, personalized touch that only pen and paper can give.

Yesterday, we were given a small background on paPillo Fine Stationers as well as a preview of their Holiday collection by the owner and premier stationer herself, Trish Panlilio.

paPillo Fine Stationers offers an extensive selection of stationery, invitations, gift cards, and note cards. Bursting with an array of bold colors, whimsical artwork, and a fashion-forward sense of style, Papillo products lend a sophisticated flair to whatever a client wants written down.
Trish started paPillo after her attempt to find invites for her kids' birthday parties proved futile. Not being satisfied with the ones available in malls and bookstores, she made her own. She has always been fascinated with stationery and letter writing anyway, and the rest is history. She's another proof that following your passion can really bring you places. What an inspiration ♥

Here are photos of some stationery available for sale (I'm sorry for the low quality but I just used my HTC ChaCha for these):

This pretty set of four memo pads instantly caught my eye.

These are from the Holiday collection, perfect for all the cards and gifts you'll be giving away this Christmas ;)

paPillo has a website but Trish prefers setting a schedule to meet with her clients because giving them personalized service is really important to her. Really commendable and it just goes to show how she values her work and her clients' opinions.

Me with Trish
Too cute not to share: paPillo sugar cookies!
When Trish told us we can get anything we want from the display, well, I guess you already know where I made a beeline to.

The set of four pretty memo pads, of course ♥
On top of each were written: things to do, people to see, things to buy, and places to go
It reminded me of Sylvia Plath, actually.
I am inviting you all to go to paPillo's trunk show to be held this coming Saturday, 9am to 10pm at the Essensa function room of Cameron Tower, The Fort in Taguig. It's the perfect time to stock up on stationery for personal use or for gifting to friends, and you may also place your orders if you want personalized gift labels and ribbons for when you wrap gifts. I'm sure the recipients of your gifts would appreciate them all the more.

We hope you can spread the word!

Special thanks to Trish and her family who've been so accomodating, ARC PR for inviting me, and our blogger friends who joined us last night for this intimate gathering. More power to the pen and paper!

Indeed, some things are better left written. On that note, who would like to exchange letters/ notes/ postcards/ with me? :)

To view the entire collection, please call 09293652328 or 09189369854 and look for Emmylou or Theresa. You may also visit paPillo's website for more information.


  1. Oh man, those are so fabulous! The notepads and the planners caught my eye. I also just saw the cards in their website... if they're making postcards, my wallet is in danger haha :))

    But really, you're right. There's something about physical letters. And snail mail. :)) In school, a lot of students now just use their tablets and laptops to take down notes but I still prefer a pen and a cute notebook because I prefer to write down stuff! :)

  2. Yay for pens and cute notebooks! :) I hope the future generations won't forget the beautiful art of letter writing even when an email is much more convenient.


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