My new sidekick-slash-work buddy

06 August 2012

In exactly a week from now I will be going to work on a completely different office and one tool I will be needing is a new laptop or netbook. I need something lighter for easier mobility and I'm afraid to shell out more cash to have my Lenovo S10-2 Lady Fabrize repaired just to have her crash again after just a couple of days so I decided to get a new one instead.

Yesterday I third wheel-ed on my parents' date at SM North EDSA so they can get me a new netbook. (Can I just say that I have the best and most supportive parents ever? ♥ Of course it's on loan and I need to pay them back, but I am thankful that they're behind me on this career change.) I already went there last Thursday to compare brands, models and prices so I could check the reviews online before buying, making deciding on my perfect new work-buddy easier.

For your gadget needs, I highly recommend Electroworld in SM North EDSA because their staff are very accommodating, helpful, and so funny, especially the people who assisted us - Criselda and Jerod. Here's my loot:

My parents got me a Samsung NC110 in pink (P16,900; P15,400 if paid in cash but Criselda gave it to use for only P15,000 without us haggling for it).

The Samsung NC110 box contains the unit and battery, charger, manual and CD installer.
The package I got also contains Windows 7 and MS Office. We also waited for about an hour so Jerod can download and install MS Security Essentials already.
I wanted to get it in black just because the previous one I used came in white but they don't have stocks anymore. Also, I wanted a black unit so I can name it Bruce Wayne, but then I figured Robin will be a better name not only as a tribute to my never-ending love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt but also since it will act like my sidekick at my new job. Yes I do spend time analyzing these things, and no I don't think that's weird at all. Okay, maybe a little. Haha #meandmyproblems.

So I came up with a new name instead since a candy-pink netbook like this is clearly a girl.

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Robyn.
I like the chic-let style keyboard...
and the LED no-glare screen.

For our purchase we got a Samsung Slim Portable DVD Writer (made especially for netbooks), Screen and Keyboard Cleaning Kit, and an Imation 4G Flash Drive for free plus a Plus! rewards card that earns points for purchases at Electroworld, Abensons, and Waltermart branches. So grool! (I meant to say great but said cool instead.)

Pink is my favorite color but I didn't want a pink netbook, but now it's starting to grow on me. Isn't Robyn pretty?

I put her on this Ghoent Junior Fourier Laptop Bag I won from Ana's giveaway last year ♥
I love this laptop bag because it's the perfect fit for Robyn and it has another zipper with compartments for the charger, mouse, flash drive, and anything else I'd like to put in. It also has straps so I can use it like a regular bag.

I will write a review after tinkering with this new baby for about a month. I will be using her almost everyday in my new job so I am counting on her to be the perfect work-buddy. Today I will go to my new office so Kira can mentor me as she will be out of the country when I start going to work next week. It's raining right now but I hope it will stop when I leave later. Seriously, aren't you getting tired of all this rain? It's like we're in London. Please cross your fingers with me that I will be able to easily absorb everything that Kira will teach me.

Be safe and dry, everyone! I hope this week will be wonderful for you.


  1. Yay to your new baby!!! ♥ Love the color, very Krissyfied! Haha! Wishing you all the best for your chosen path/career. >:D<

  2. oooh pretty pink laptop! mine's N220, so hello to our samsung netbooks! hahaha. benta Robyn na name, dapat talaga pinagiisipan mga ganitong bagay, nabinyagan na ba? haha! :P hope Robyn lasts a looong time! :)

    glad you find the laptop bag useful! :)

  3. Exciting!!! Super great gift yan to yourself para sa new work din! Ang cute din ng color, and nung una akala ko nun una Robin for Robin Sherbatsky!!! :D

  4. awwww...
    pink!lakas makababae nyan!hahaha!

    ang cute!
    too bad about lady fabrize though.
    im not really a fan of laptops but if ill buy one maybe ill go for msi.
    my mom & bro uses it for years & they don't have any problem at all!

  5. Awww, the new netbook is sooo cute! I love Samsung netbooks as they're very affordable. Swerte mo naman may mga freebies pa talaga kasama sa purchase ninyo. :) Good luck with your new job, Krissy!

  6. SimonesfashionclosetAugust 6, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    oh  i love that pink netbook! and good luck on your new career!:)

  7. Good luck on your new career Krissy! I wish you all the best. To more growth! :)

  8. i love your pink Netbook! :D Mine's Samsung din, but its black naman. Tapos I named her Summer because I got it summer this year :))

  9. Robyn is very pretty....and a great choice.  Open, it looks very similar to my netbook. =)

  10. It's soooo cute :) Good luck Ate Krissy!

  11. Thanks for all your well wishes everyone! :) It's my last day with HSBC tomorrow and I honestly feel a bit sad, but also excited and a little scared! This is it! :)


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