Thoughts on the Twentieth

20 November 2012

Where did the days go? Is it really November 20? One moment I was busy prettifying and personalizing my planner, then the next thing I knew it is already almost time to shop for a new one! I am crushing on the Starbucks 2013 planner and the Le Petit Prince Moleskine but they're so expensive *sad face*. Anyway, I really liked my simple and customize-friendly Moonleaf Tea Shop planner so I am eagerly waiting to see what design they will come up with for next year. I hope they release it soon!

I feel like I haven't done a random post for so long that I don't really know what to talk about and how to go about writing it so I'm just going to babble here, y'all. You know, get my bearings and shizz, hoping to shoo away this writer's block (blogger's block?) ASAP.

Yesterday was my officemate Anne's birthday so we decided to eat somewhere special - Amici.

I want you, Choco Sans Rival.
The birthday girl and her special cake from Amici.
Dine there when it's your birthday, they'll give you a cake and even sing for you :)
Anne is a cat person so I gave her this Puss in Boots plushie. So cute! :)
I really wasn't feeling well since last night and then I woke up this morning with a slight fever. I actually didn't want to go work but I have to meet my deadlines so I mustered enough energy to dress up.

I wore my Iron Man/ Gryffindor shoes from Hush Puppies
You know there's something wrong with me when I wear sneakers out when it's not required. Would you believe today was only the third time I wore this since I got it? The first time was for Earth Run 2011, the second was to a friend's surprise dinner party.

And of course, the one day I decided to wear sneakers to work is the same day my bosses decide to have our meeting at Manila Peninsula. I felt so under-dressed with my Vans shirt and Iron Man/ Gryffindor shoes, but it was all worth it when the beautiful decorations inside the Pen greeted us.

Autumn. This felt like a real-life version of Chefville as there were lots of pumpkins and bales of hay!
Gorgeous, beautiful colors of Fall, my favorite season.
HUGE Christmas tree at the hotel lobby. Breathtaking in grandiosity!
Team ARC after brainstorming about new projects for our clients and leads, and of course, our Christmas party!
I love being surrounded by this bunch of passionate, dynamic people!
We're almost at the end of this post yet I still can't believe it's already the 20th of November haha. I better get on my Christmas lists before the holidaze officially starts!

She's making a list, she's checking it twice...
Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am starting with cards since posting them might take long because of the holiday rush. I already have a list of lucky people (mehehe) I will send my Christmas wishes to, but I am ready to send more. Would you like to exchange Christmas cards with me? Let me know in the comments! :)

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  1. Never tried Amici but I think I'm lured by the pretty and tasty-looking desserts. :))

    I've also made my Christmas card list! Same thought here, have to finish them otherwise the recipients might get them on Valentine's or something haha. I really should spend time making them now. :3 Also, *raises hand* I would love to exchange Christmas mail with you, Krissy! :D

  2. katrina maryse villanuevaNovember 21, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    wow !

    that is so nice .

  3. Ohmygoodness the choco sans rival and the gelato cakes are sooooooo good!

    Weeeeh I've been checking out your posts about sending mail out so even without you asking I already included you to my list! :) Email me your address? :)


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