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25 November 2012

The sights and the sounds, the scents and the smiles. Ahhh. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

Anyone here done with their Christmas shopping already? I have prepared my list but I haven't accomplished any shopping yet, although I've gone on a few trips to the mall for some blogging errands. That being said, here are some of my recent finds that you might find useful for yourself or someone else ;)

Is it red? Is it burgundy? It's both!
Reversible Jeans from Oxygen
I've wanted my own Oxygen Reversible Jeans since last year but the ones I tried before were too big for me. Yesterday, I arrived a little late at the Pop of Colors party held in the TriNoma branch (I actually got there too early so they told me to return after a while but I didn't notice the time haha) so with just twenty seconds to spare, I grabbed the first thing that caught my eye! Good thing it's this pair! I've been "collecting" jeans from different brands lately but I don't have red-colored ones yet plus this is Reversible so this is perfect. At P1,499 a pop, Reversible Jeans gives you more bang for your buck since it offers two instant looks in one. I love it.

Plains and stripes and a corporate-y top for the office from ForMe
After a quickie-but-goodie shopping stop at Oxygen, my blogger girl friends and I were ushered to ForMe for another round of shopping. My closet is still filled with clothes I've been wearing since high school and college (read: a little too young for me) so I figured I should update my wardrobe soon. I made a beeline to the section carrying these tees for casual days (plains: one for P398, buy one and the second shirt will cost only P199 | striped tees: P598 each) and also added a black sleeveless top (P1,398) for the office.

Headband and pearl choker from SM Accessories
On Thursday, the Philippines will aim to beat the Guinness World Record for the Most People Modeling on a Catwalk to celebrate the opening of the new Glorietta Vibe, powered by AVA. I have been asked to walk the runway for Ferretti by Liz, brand consultant and beauty blogger. I am so excited for this that I even made an inspiration board! I'll show it to you tomorrow, but right now all I can tell you is that my look will be very Holly Golightly-inspired, thus the pearl choker and headband (I think I would prefer to wear a mini tiara, though, since Audrey Hepburn was wearing one in the movie.) ^_^

Soft pink Annabel Lee pumps from Ferretti
To ensure that the shoes we will wear to the show fit perfectly, we are asked to visit the store to try them on. I haven't received my design assignment when I went there last Thursday, but I still enjoyed trying on the different shoes available. When I slipped on this particular pair though, I fell instantly in love. The color's so pretty and I swear it is the most comfortable pair of pumps I've ever tried on! A steal at P1,699, I wanted to get it in all colors (aqua, yellow, black and soft pink)!

New "toys" from Laura Mercier
A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend the launch of Laura Mercier's holiday collection and I loved everything! Told ya fall/ winter collections are my favorite when it comes to beauty products. Please watch out for my post about these soon but for the meantime, check out Sarah's recounting of what happened during the event here

Christmas ribbons
At least I'm done shopping for the art materials I'll be using for the Christmas cards I am going to make. I should be able to finish making and sending them out within this week. I am so excited to add a little Christmas cheer to my friends from all over the world!

I hope you liked my finds. Any fashion or beauty finds you would want to share with me? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Woohoo!  So awesome Krissy :D  I love Ferretti.  See you at New Glorietta Vibe! 

    P.S. I love Oxygen, too, but last time I tried their reversible jeans maluwag lahat or basta hindi maganda fit.  You're smaller than me.  How is it so far?

  2. I actually haven't tried them on yet! Hehe but I think it has the same fit as my Cheap Mondays. My hips got bigger this year so I'm sure it'll be okay. I'll let you know once I wear it! :) See you on Thursday!

  3. katrina maryse villanuevaNovember 26, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    OMG !

    those shoes are to die for !


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