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10 November 2012

I'm all for the bold and bright colors and over-all cheery mood of summer and spring, but when it comes to fashion and make-up, I totally prefer fall and winter's looks! Please forgive me for wanting to dress up for the part even though we don't really enjoy four seasons in this tropical country. My favorite season is actually autumn with its gorgeous and lush golds and browns ♥

I've been waiting eagerly for make-up brands' fall and winter collections ever since the -ber months rolled in so you could just imagine how excited I was when I received an SMS from the PR firm representing The Body Shop inviting me to a preview of the Holiday collection! Needless to say I said yes right away ;) I went to The Body Shop's branch in SM Megamall yesterday and was greeted by this lovely sight:

I am happy to share with you The Body Shop's Winter Trend collection:

The collection includes eyeshadow palettes, eye definers, lipsticks, and shimmer powders perfect for all the partying you're going to do this coming Christmas.

Smoky Copper for daytime
Smoky Moonstone for nighttime

Here are the individual pieces with prices:

4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette in Smoky Copper and Smoky Moonstone (P1,495 each)

Eye Definers in Moonstone, Pure Gold, Golden Brown, and Copper Brown (P550 each)

Colourglide Shine Lipsticks in 10, 11, 12 (Ruby), and 13 (Rose) (P695 each)

Sparklers in Yellow and Bronze (P1,495 each)

Slanted Kabuki Brush (P1,095) and Dazzling Rocks in Golden Copper (1,595)
Watch out for my review of these two ;)

Don't the shining, shimmering, splendid colors make you want to put your party dress on and shimmy (in style) all night? I want all the Lipsticks and both colors of the Sparklers!

We were given a free makeover, and while waiting for my turn I was able to walk around the store more and see The Body Shop's holiday offers.

The Body Shop's limited edition Christmas scents: Ginger Sparkle, Cranberry Joy, and Vanilla Bliss! There are body polishes, lotions, scrubs, hand creams, body butters, and even essential oils. I LOVE Ginger Sparkle, I will definitely buy a few for myself before the holidays end!
Look, they also have heart-shaped soaps! I wish Ginger Sparkle comes in gingerbread shapes though, that would be fun and quirky heehee.
There are also a lot of pre-packed pieces on display. They make Christmas shopping so convenient! All you have to do is buy them, put them under the tree, and you're set. Some even come with thread already so you can hang them on your tree --- dual purpose FTW!

Stocking-fillers! Give your girl friends one each ;)
TBS Christmas balls which are actually sets of body butter and lip butter :)
World-famous Lip & Cheek Stain in giftable boxes for only P395 each (original price is P795 each)? YES, PLEASE.
Christmas won't be complete without this Christmas-themed nail care set :)
I hope these photos brought you a festive mood like it did me! I can't wait for my Christmas money so I could start on my shopping list already.

Here are some photos after my makeover (the MUA used the Smoky Copper palette on me):

With my Sigaw sister and Full Circle AE Joyce
I make sure we always have a photo every time TBS holds an event :)
I enjoyed the event with my blog sisters Ana and Sarah
Big thanks to The Body Shop and Full Circle Communications for inviting me! I can't wait to for an invite to a Christmas party to come 'round so I can use my new make-up babies heehee.

Special thanks to Helen for this photo ♥
PS: I should learn how to my eyebrows properly like this the next time I do my make-up ;)


  1. Iba nagagawa talaga ng kilay sis! :) And nice pic sa huli a! :D Lovet! Till next bonding day a!!! :) Buti talaga nakahabol me!!!

  2. You made me wanna visit Body Shop one of these days. :) Those Sparklers look great. I love the last photo. ^_^

  3. Pretty pretty naman!!! ♥ The best talaga The Body Shop!!

  4. It was Helen's idea haha! Thanks sis, 'til next bonding day! :)

  5. They're really great! The MUA put some on our hair, so purrrrty ♥ Thanks Lizzie! :)


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