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07 October 2012

Books and movies are wonderful things because they let us enter another dimension, it's like living many different kinds of lives! Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and found a character you related to or identified with so much, you feel like you could be best friends in real life? I have!

The link redirects to an article I wrote for AVA.zine. For those who are not familiar with the site, AVA is "a curated marketplace of well-loved premium brands" that offers a tightly-edited collection of apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, and art pieces for the home. Some of the brands they carry are Anthology, Aranaz, and House of Trois. A couple of weeks ago my blog-friend Alex (who is AVA's Creative Director) invited me to contribute to the site, and the article above is the first one I wrote. I've since been told by her that everyone in the marketing staff loved my article, so THANK YOU Alex for giving me this opportunity! I feel so kilig and honored seeing my article posted in another website besides mine :)

Can you also read it and tell me what you think? I would love to hear feedback from you!

Oops! I checked the link and it seems like they moved the article somewhere and I couldn't see it :( I checked my files and am posting the whole article here for your reference instead.

  1. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde – She stands up for what she believes in and does not take crap from other people. Smart, fashionable, kind-hearted and passionate, she is the ultimate fictional best friend every girl would love to have! Perfect Christmas gift: Accutone Aquarius Pink earphones she can use while working out and releasing those endorphins
  2. Josephine March of Little Women – She loves reading and writing, I love reading and writing. We can go to book fairs together and swap good reads with each other. Perfect Christmas gift: Kwaderno Pacem Medium she can use to write more stories in
  3. Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality – She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States. She’s also very much willing to (have her facial and body hair waxed) sacrifice her life to save other people. I’d love to hang out with her and learn basic self defense techniques from her. Perfect Christmas gift: Earth Om Yoga Bag so she can meditate and release pent-up stress
  4. Yvaine from Stardust – Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a star (literally!) for a friend? It would be great to hear her many stories from when she was still up in the sky, twinkling and looking down on us here on Earth. Perfect Christmas gift: J’Adore bracelet from House of Trois, because it would enhance her spark
  5. Penny from Happy Endings – There is no word to describe her than ah-ma-zing! I love this girl, she’s so funny! I can totally see us bonding over desserts while checking out cute guys. Perfect Christmas gift: Native Union Retro Pop handset in Purple because it’s kitschy and quirky and we can gab about our crushes over the phone, like the way my friends and I did back in high school

For those who might be wondering why I didn't include Hermione Granger even though we all know she is fiercely loyal to her friends, well, let me quote Lily from David Levithan and Rachel Cohn's Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, which incidentally is the most recent book I read:
"I've always resented Hermione, because I wanted to be her so badly and she never seemed to appreciate as much as I thought she should that she got to be her. She got to live at Hogwarts and be friends with Harry and kiss Ron, which was supposed to happen to me."
Now thinking of a topic for my next article. Hmmm. Have a great week ahead, you guys ;)

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