Move to the Vibe of Glorietta

So the thing I've been excited about since last week is happening tonight: to celebrate the opening of Glorietta's new wing, Glorietta Vibe. Ayala teamed up with AVA to organize a fashion show that will attempt to beat the Guinness World Record of Most Number of People Modelling in the Catwalk! I, together with several beauty bloggers, will walk for local shoe brand Ferretti, our make-up will be done by Estee Lauder brands, and the look I will go for was inspired by Holly Golightly. Isn't that exciting?

The show will start at 6 PM and admission is free for all, so come if you can! For those who can't, you can also watch it online.

It'll be my first time to walk down the runway so I promise I will try my hardest not to trip or slip or whatever. I guess the number of cameras that will be sure to document that misfortune for posterity is enough motivation for me to not mess it up! ;p

So many preparations for what is essentially a 30-second exposure, but as you know I almost always prefer the preparing-for-an-event part more than the actual event itself haha. Look, I even painted my nails last night!

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Moderne Red from the Art Deco Muse collection
Call-time for make-up and other stuff is 2:30. Wish me luck and I hope to see you later! :)

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