Shop with me at Miss Sixty!

16 November 2012

Hello, everyone! It's a dark and gloomy outside but it's payday! Who's up for some shopping?

I'll be in Miss Sixty in Robinsons Manila at around 2 o'clock this afternoon with fashion bloggers Vern, Tracy and Kaye to shop and dish out some fab styling tips. Miss Sixty is an Italian fashion brand (and you know how much I love Italia) that produces original cuts and casual wear styles designed specifically for females. We hope you can join us! It'll be fun!

All set and ready!
I desperately need a haircut so I hope I could squeeze one before I go but my favorite stylist is in TriNoma so I doubt I would be able to so, meh, sorry for my unkempt hair. See you there? ;)

Miss Sixty and Energie Jeans will be launching a big giveaway soon so watch out for it! To be one of the first to get updates, please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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