I was number 1,637 of 2,255.

30 November 2012

I became part of Philippine fashion history last night, and until now I am still reeling from the excitement of it all!

Move to the Vibe of Glorietta was held in Palm Drive to celebrate the opening of Glorietta's new wing. This is not just any other event, mind you. More than anything else, it aimed to beat the current Guinness World Record [held by Istanbul with 1,967 models] for the Most Number of People Modelling in the Catwalk! So, did we succeed? Read on.

I walked for shoe brand Ferretti through the invitation of its PR and Marketing Manager/ blogger Liz Lanuzo. I told you how I conceptualized the Holly Golightly-inspired look I went for on a previous post, and here's the result (thanks for taking my photos, Kira!):

Headband - SM Accessories | Dress - Miss Sixty | Heels - Ferretti
Lace gloves - SM Dept Store | Necklace - SM Accessories | Bracelet and ring - YRYS

What do you think? Can I have Breakfast at Tiffany's any time soon?

Special thanks to Miss Mira Villanueva, Estee Lauder Philippines, and Miss Rose for my makeup. I couldn't have looked like this without them. I wish I could look like this every day: pretty without going too overboard. :)

Rose put this specific shade on lipstick on me because I told her I have a tube of it, making it easier for touch-ups. I will publish a review of this Estee Lauder lipstick soon!

I was not able to take a lot of pictures after our makeup was applied because we stayed in the holding area for more than an hour before the event started. I was calm and collected at first, even sharing tales-from-our-teenage-years with these beautiful beauty bloggers:

Jheng and Martha
Matching colored shoes with Martha
Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach once we were called to proceed backstage.

Before I knew it, it was time to walk the ramp!

Big thanks to Ana for taking my runway photos! To be honest, everything was a blur the moment I stepped on the catwalk. I do know there were a lot of people based on the cheers I heard, but those from Ana and Earth were the loudest so I was able to see them ♥ I don't know if I walked properly, and I wasn't even able to hold my pose in front for four seconds. I'm just thankful I didn't trip nor slip because everything felt so surreal!

The event was hosted by Billy Crawford and Bianca Gonzalez and aside from the catwalk show, international sensation Kyle Patrick and OPM legend Bamboo were also there to serenade the audience. A lot of my blogger friends were also part of the show but I wasn't able to see them because of the crowd, but it's alright because you know what? We did beat a world record that night!

Photo from AVA
All 2,255 of us models ensured the Philippines gets the top spot! The results were declared official by official Guinness World Record representative and judge Kirsty Bennet. I felt so happy when this was announced because it made all the preparations worth it!

This is definitely one for the books - something to tell my future grandchildren (and anyone who would care to listen LOL) someday. Huge thanks to Ayala Malls-Glorietta, AVA, Tattoo Black, Estee Lauder Philippines, Ferretti, and Liz for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


  1. Love the title :) Galing! Sayang I wasn't part part of this, but at least nawitness ko sha :) Proud of you girl! ;)

  2. Weeeeh thank you sis! Sana next time we can walk the runway together! Now I'm waiting for more offers to model. Joke hahaha! ;D

  3. Congrats on being part of the new record! Love Audrey Hepburn! And I love that lipstick! I wish I could achieve the pretty without going overboard makeup look too! :D

  4. Thank you! It's the Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Poppy Love and I'm going to post a review once I take decent photos :)

  5. ganda ganda! i was there too! walked for freeway! hindi kita nakita :D congrats sis!

    The Bargain Doll

  6. Super sad and nakakahinayang that I missed this!! :( But I'm happy for you guysss ♥ Gaganda niyo :"> See you soon Krissy!!

  7. Hey Krissy! I'm tempted to go to Estee Lauder, buy myself a foundation to have license to get a makeover and I say that with all seriousness. Is their new line of foundation shades already available?

  8. ang ganda mo :))))))))))

  9. katrina maryse villanuevaDecember 2, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    lovely and congratulations.

    ---♔ brushesandpens

  10. Oo nga eh, too bad I didn't see you! Well, see you soon Rovie!

  11. Ackk sorry but I don't know -_- But I can ask Miss Mira for you! :)

  12. One word: FABULOUS! :) 

    Congratulations, Krissy!

  13. Congratulations Ate Krissy! Oh and by the way, you look soooooo beautiful :)

  14. Thank you Klaire! Heehee I love how you and Claire have the same name but with different spellings :)

  15. You look amazing! Congrats girl! :)



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