Looking for Peace

03 November 2012

I already found Love and Lipgloss, now where do I find Peace?

And I am not talking about the real, literal kind. Lord knows I am still very much loveless (of the romantic kind) but if we're talking about peace, well, it's very peaceful and quiet where I am right now that it's like Time herself stood still to rest for a while. As for lipgloss, I have a huge stash in my vanity that I don't see the need to buy more.

But if we are talking about these wire-art thingies, why yes I still need Peace so I can complete my blog's tagline peace, love & lipgloss. :)

I had LOVE

... fashioned into a headband,


... made into rings that I can wear like this


like this.

I got these from Ana. Did you know that she painstakingly crafts each and every one of these? Every order is made with love and you can proudly say that no one else has the same accessory as you.

What's even more fun about having these wire-art accessories made is that you can have any word made. You can ask for your name, your pet's, or your favorite fictional character, Ana can do it. Your favorite word, maybe? Ana can do it, too. (For the record, some of my favorite words include serenity, facets, surreal, chasm and the list goes on...) What's that? You'd like to invent your own word? It doesn't matter. Didn't I say that Ana can do it?

If you want to have your own wire-art accessories (and/ or give some to your friends as a tangible show of your affection --- oh I also like that word, affection), you may visit Ana's online shop. If you feel the urgent need for her to respond as quickly as possible, you may also tweet her. She is also present in a lot of bazaars so just follow her on Twitter so you'll know where she can be found next ;)

I'm going to have PEACE done soon. Do you think it will look better as a bracelet or as a pair of earrings?


  1. AWWWWW!!!! Thank you so so much sis for this!!! :) love youuu! Something nice at the end of such a long bazaar day :S Someone who appreciates my craft... Thanks talaga!

  2. HOMFG! Those are seriously epic artworks! I am in love with the headband (because I'm a sucker like that) and I think peace will work better as bracelet... <3 <3 <3 I really adore her artworks! crafts! whatever you call it, that needs some serious talent and patience there, kudos for Ana! :D

  3. Oh wow, I'm glad you liked these Tiara :)


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