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09 November 2012

What's the use of pretty shoes if they'll be kept in the shoe closet all the time? I wore my orange Melissa X Jean Paul Gaultier heels that I got from AVA to two separate events this week and I really love how I can use it both for casual events and on more formal settings, depending on my clothes and accessories.


Thanks Arnie for taking my photo!
Dress - MEMO | Belt and headband - SM Accessories

I wore this ensemble to the paPillo pre-trunk show event I went to last Tuesday, and since they are a client of the PR firm I work for, I figured I should dress the part. Or maybe I just wanted a reason to wear these heels out heh. I learned that this pair can hurt after just a couple of hours though, not because of the heel height but because there's no proper support for the balls of the feet. The solution? Gel in-sole cushions, which I remembered to put on the next time I wore it.


Thanks Kelly for taking my photos!
Dress - Sophie Paris | Bag - The Landmark, TriNoma | Necklace - Things that Matter

Yesterday I attended another event featuring a collaboration between two of our other clients but since these brands are more casual and street-style (I can't wait to blog about it because I super love my loot from them heehee), I decided to wear this. I don't know why I'm gravitating towards orange recently as I also got a phone case with the same color that same day. Maybe it's just the effect of these heels ;p I did not forget the in-sole cushions this time, and it made my heels a lot more comfortable! I. Love. It.

This pair is my current favorite item in my shoe closet (aside from the boots I got from that event haha) and I'll probably wear it until it submits to wear and tear. I love it so much that I am trying to make a lot of other outfits work with it, although it is a bit of a challenge because of the color --- I don't want to pair it with black lest I look Halloween-y LOL, but I don't know. We'll see ;) Happy weekend, everyone!

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