Sheer Lacy-ness

01 November 2012

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day at the office (at least for me, heehee) as we were given half the day off to usher in the extra-long weekend. Aside from all the perks I'm enjoying in my current job, I love that we follow legal and special non-working holidays. I used to be part of a BPO you see, so long weekends are a welcome treat for me. Also, if holidays like Christmas and New Year do not fall on your rest days, well, tough luck because you'd have to spend them in the office. That's not to say I didn't enjoy receiving double pay though, but if given the choice between money or spending the day with my family, I'd definitely go for the latter.

Kira and I left the office before 2PM to go to TriNoma and SM North EDSA. These two used to be my default hang-out mall since they are very near my old office and apartment, but ever since I started working in Makati and found a transport service to and from Navotas, I haven't found the need to go there anymore except maybe when meeting friends or claiming something from any of the stores located there.

This is what I wore yesterday:

Headband - SM Kids | Top - Blush by SM Kids | Jeans - Penshoppe
Ring - Kultura Filipino | Loafers - Cathryn & Charlz

Would you believe the top I am wearing here is from SM Kids? I got it from SM Mall of Asia after the SM KIDS' show at Philippine Fashion Week, and I am planning to go to another branch again to get the polka dot dress I loved but wasn't available there. I love that even though I've gained weight I can still fit in a size 14, and that there are designs there that won't look ridiculous if worn by a lady my age. Plus points for being easier on the pocket! I mean, I got this top for only P499.75 (minus 10% because of the special sale the day I got it). Try getting a top for that amount at the Ladies' Wear department and I'm sure you won't be able to find one with such a nice design as this. I love the color and the fact that it's airy and not itchy to the skin, and I know you can't see it because of the photo's low quality but those are mini heart prints all over.

I also love the cream loafers I am wearing here. I bought it from Landmark in TriNoma a couple of years ago. I was with my bestfriend Jerome then, and when I first tried it on I knew I had to get it. The price put me off though, so I figured we should walk around some more. We were in SM North already when I said I really want it, so we walked back again for me to buy it. Even though it is a bit pricey it is still worth it as I was able to use it a lot of times. It finally gave up yesterday, when both soles surrendered to wear and tear. They can still be glued again though so I'm sure I would still be able to get more use out of this pair.

So today is November 1, All Saints' Day. Later we will go to Our Lady of Lourdes cemetery in Malabon to visit the graves of my grandmother on my father's side and my cousin Jane, and then to Immaculate Conception cemetery just across our street here to visit my sister Kim. I will also light a candle for Poly, vanilla-scented because I'm sure she will love the smell ♥ Have a blessed All Saints' and All Souls' Day, everyone.


  1. adorable top and nice ring! ang cute cute mo dito Krissy :)

    Love, Maria

  2. Lovely top you have. So feminine, just the way I like it. 

    Thank you for droping by. I can still do blog layouts but it might take me 2-3 weeks because my schedule is quite packed at the moment. Plus, yours is nice enough. :)


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