Eye (and Ear) Candy: Urbanears Plattan Headphones

25 July 2012

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."
- Plato

Every menial task I am too lazy for, I have managed to do by putting on earphones and pressing Play; cleaning my apartment and room at my parents' house or washing the dishes become more fun to do so long as my favorite playlist's providing me some background tunes while I'm having the best {imaginary} concert ever. Britney Spears, The Script, Parokya ni Edgar, and Natasha Bedingfield have saved me from many hours of boredom when commuting or travelling alone and since I will be spending more than two hours commuting every day *very soon*, a good, functional pair of headphones will be very important for me and my sanity.

Plus points if the headphones come in yummy colors ^_^

Oh hai, doesn't this look yummy to you?

Urbanears Plattan headphone in Mustard
The Plattan is designed to be the perfect classic headphone with all the additional features that make it above and beyond what a static headphone would offer. What are these features? Read on.

It is a full size on-ear model with a rich secluded sound in a compact body. This is important if you're the type who wants to cancel out the noise and concentrate on your music, movie, or TV show. Ideal also for long travels when you're alone or for avoiding awkward conversations if you're with someone you don't really want to talk to heh.

It folds down to the size of your fist. Perfect if you're a throw everything in a bag-and-go kind of girl [or guy]. You don't have to worry about it being destroyed that easily because it is quite sturdy. Unless you like throwing your bag around, of course. (Please don't do that ;p) I think it's great that despite looking bulky, I can adjust and fold it so that it can fit most of my everyday bags. Day-to-day durable companion? A very big checkmark.

120 cm/ 47 inch-long tangle-resistant fabric cord. For someone like me who have destroyed many sets of earphones already because of persistent tugging on tangled-up cheap plastic cords, this is godsend. Thank you, music gods, for bidding my pleas. 3.5mm stereo plug compatible with any music players. I love that it's flexible and can be used on my phone, my iPod Shuffle, my netbook, and my computer. Microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more. This is helpful for those who use their iPhones as their iPods or their phones as their music players because it's easier to switch between rocking to your favorite tunes and acting all sweety-sweety when your significant other (does anyone still use that phrase??) calls, or all professional when it's your boss on the other line.

It comes with a ZoundPlug, allowing for a friend to plug in and share your music. I think this is the cheesiest feature of this nifty headphone, but it works for me because I am the type of music-lover who's not selfish with her music. Whenever I am with a friend with my earphones on and a great song comes up, I force my friend to listen to it and love it as much as I do awkwardly sing along even when I cannot hear anything anymore (because my earphones would've already been jammed on my friend's ears LOL). Having the ZoundPlug is awesome because my friend and I can marvel at the song's greatness at the same time.

It comes in yummy, bright colors. I cannot stress this enough. I love all of the other chic colors that I had a hard time choosing! My other choices include Tomato, Grape and Denim (which looks so lush). I love my Mustard Plattan because it's such a happy, cheerful, sunshiny shade ♥

Plattan headphones cost P2,950. Quite pricey I know, but if you like music *that much* and really care for sound quality or find yourself in front of your computer more often to watch movies and TV shows and you have the budget, then I don't see any harm on splurging on something you will be using almost everyday. Besides, if you do intend to use it everyday, then the cost-per-wear will be almost negligible in the long run.

Urbanears headphones and earphones (Plattan, Plattan Plus, Medis, Medis Plus, Tanto, and Bagis) are available at these reseller stores. Meanwhile, the first UrbanEars concept store in the Philippines will open on August 14 at The Podium, where three new colors will also be launched together with the new Fall/ Winter collection! This is so exciting, I wonder what the three new colors will be.

Beeteedubs, Urbanears has a new contest that will run from July 26 to August 18! The contest will involve Instagram (follow me there!) so better register if you haven't yet ^_~ Here are the complete mechanics:

1. Take a photo of yourself with your favorite pair of Urbanears Zinken, Plattan, Plattan Plus, Medis, Medis Plus, Tanto or Bagis headphones.
2. Theme of the photo: Express your freedom and individuality in colors.
3. Upload your photo on Instagram and email links to: DT.contests@gmail.com (include your name, address and contact number).
4. One user may upload a maximum of 3 entries only.
5. Caption your photo: "ColorMe + headphone color" and use the hashtag #Urbanears (for example: ColorMeIndigo #Urbanears).
6. Successful entries will also be uploaded on Digits Trading's Facebook page.
7. You may invite your friends to Like your photo (both on Facebook and on Instagram).
8. Contest will run from July 26 to August 18, 2012.
9. Three (3) winners will be announced on August 24, 2012 (Most Fashionable, Most Creative, Most Popular).
Three winners of special lootbags from UrbanEars and Digits Trading Corporation will be chosen so get on listening and clicking ^_~

I might have to come up with a better entry than this though...


  1. we have the same headphones and also the color:) by the way, your blog is so nice.:)<3


  2. Hello headphone sister! :) And wow, thanks so much! :)

  3. Ooh love the color you got!!! ♥ And suuuper bet yung ZoundPlug, in fairness!!! :D Cute!!


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